DUOTONE Kite Juice D/Lab

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Juice D/LAB tog världen med storm förra året, den mest avancerade freeride-draken på marknaden. Oöverträffad i lättvindsprestanda gör den det möjligt för kitare att uppleva vansinniga känslor i de lättaste vindarna. Det här är kiten som kan göra det omöjliga.

Nya Juice D/LAB är betydligt lättare (endast 2,73 kg) än sin föregångare. Det är den ultimata kiten för dig som vill vara först ut på vattnet. Den är perfekt även för foil och då man minskat vikten på nya Juice D/LAB så kommer du vara först på vattnet i lätta vindar.

Beställningsvara, kontakta oss för leveranstid

Fungerar på 4-och 5 linors bar och med en superlätt Aluula 3 strut-design för att lyfta i dom svagaste vindar. Fantastisk power och bra "bar-respons".

Priserna avser köp av kite inkl bag. Kitebom och pump ingår ej.

The Juice D/LAB is the benchmark in light wind kitesurfing.

Delivering unrivalled performance on days when you would usually be stuck on the beach. Perfect for freeride, foiling and boosting, the Juice D/LAB packs insane amounts of performance into every session.

Riding upwind in no wind has never felt so easy or assured, enabling you to avoid mowing the lawn on lighter days and instead get on the water and charge as hard as you can. Boosting on the Juice D/LAB is an experience like no other; with incredible power on take-off and ethereal float and hangtime, you'll feel like you are having an out-of-body experience on the water.

You won't believe how high and far you can go when the trees barely move and everyone else is on the beach waiting for the wind to come.

Thanks to the D/LAB construction and Aluula fabric, the handling is incredibly responsive and dynamic; no longer will a light wind session feel like you are driving a truck; you'll have a thoroughbred fun machine at your fingertips!

The control is incredible, with total depower available in an instant and impressive handling even when the kite is overpowered.

The range of the Juice D/LAB is what sets it apart, unrivalled at the low end and total confidence at the top end, now available in sizes 14, 15 and 17!

If you want to kite more than anyone else this summer, the Juice D/LAB will make the impossible possible and get you more time on the water than ever before!



The new fabric in combination with new construction features reduces the weight of the kite by up to 30% compared to standard constructions and depending on the size, which is a considerable saving of up to 1kg, especially when the wind is light.

Elsewhere the construction has been fine-tuned to reduce weight wherever possible, while innovative use of material weaves allows improved turning ability and response.

Get the Juice D/LAB now and never miss a session again; make every hour on the water count and enjoy the very pinnacle of kite technology!

15 17
55-70 KG 71-85 KG > 85 KG
55-70 KG 71-85 KG > 85 KG
2,97 3,07 3,35

Juice D/LAB  works with following Bars:
- Trust Bar Quad Control / Click Bar Quad Control
- also with Bar + 5th Element Upgrade Kit