Tabou Da Curve Team

31 999,00 kr

(inkl. moms)


Tabous Hard Core vågbräda med uppgraderad design. Lättare och något kortare samt justerade kanter och kanaler.

Snabbare och mer lättsvängd än innan. Nu med 3 fenor då bottenformen är ändrad för bättre grepp i svängarna.

Inkl 3 fenor och fotstroppar.



Beställningsvara. Kontakta oss för levtid.

Thomas Traversa’s Pro Model now features a round pintail outline with a more parallel center and a tapered rear section.

The board’s hull is fashioned with a continuous single concave, eliminating any flat surfaces and incorporating a new scoop. This design tweak enhances the board’s agility and responsiveness.

But that’s not all. We’ve taken performance up a notch by upgrading the equipment to K4 fins, renowned for their exceptional carving abilities.

These fins respond to your every move, delivering increased grip as you push harder through your turns. With these updates the Da Curve excites more than ever both in perfect down-the-line conditions and in less ideal waves.

The Da Curve remains the top choice for waveriders, captivating enthusiasts with its remarkable versatility.

With its redesign and the legacy of Thomas Traversa, the Da Curve 2024 is set to redefine your waveriding experience.


Wave enthusiasts, looking for nothing more than 100% performance on the wave to spin around any move, they are capable of, with ease.

The Da Curve has never been so versatile and radical, like this year’s board. We broadened the range of conditions to allow everybody to get the best performance at every spot. It does not matter, if you’re facing Jaws or a gusty day at the North Sea, the Da Curve allows sensational wave rides everywhere at all times.

The shorter tail makes this board turn naturally better and tighter, allowing us to include a straighter rocker for the Da Curve to plane and go faster in a straight line as ever before. A thinner rail in the tail section, combined with two channels will get you a board that is very loose on the foot, but still offers a lot of grip, especially in top turns.



76 223 55 76 6.2 Slot Box

2x K4 10 1x K4 16

82 223 56 82 6.3 Slot Box

2x K4 10 1x K4 17

88 226 58 88 6.4 Slot Box

2x K4 11 1x K4 18

96 229 59,5 96 6.5 Slot Box

2x K4 11 1x K4 19