ION Plasma Shoes 2,5 RT

599,00 kr

(inkl. moms)


Skön lågsko med tunn sula som gör skon mycket smidig, utan split-toe. Passar perfekt till kall/vinterbad också.

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The Plasma Shoes 2.5 are your go-to budget-oriented neoprene shoes without compormising quality. Offering a great fit and protection from the elements, ION wraps it all up in a spicy and unique design. Choose these ones if you're looking for the perfect mix of warmth from the thin but sheltering 2.5 mm thick layer and protection from shells, stones and other hazards on the spot whilst still experiencing a barefoot feeling. Receiving major updates in various areas of the boot, the Plasma Shoes 2.5 Round Toe feature a segmented sole to enhance flexibility in critical areas of the foot. This is complemented by the boots' Rubber Wings' support to vulnerable ankle areas and a new Pull_Loop to facilitate entry and exit even further.

- Segmented Sole: Creative and strategic cuttings have been integrated into the sole to enhance the flexibility in critical areas of the foot.

- Rubber Wings: Added support tot he vulnerable ankle areas

- NS: No-split construction

- 80% Neopren 20% Nylon

- Pull_Loop: The loop helps you to get in and out of your boots easily. Doesn't hurt even with freezing hands.


Euro    Approx. Footlength
36 22,5cm
37 23,5cm
38-39 24,5cm
40-41 25,5cm
42 26,0cm
43-44 27,0cm
45-46 28,0cm
47-48 29,0cm
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