Tikal Tef Gel

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Tef Gel används för att ta bort korrosion och galvaniska strömningar. 

Applicera Tikal Tef-Gel® på dina skruvar och bultar och allt kan enkelt tas isär igen även efter långvarig användning i havsvatten. Detsamma gäller skydd av skruvar mot rost.

Ett måste för att rädda skruvarna  från att ärja ihop på tex hydrofoil.

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Stops galvanic corrosion!

TIKAL TEF-GEL which is produced in Germany by TIKAL MARINE SYSTEMS, is a watertight, PTFE-based paste which can be used universally.

It prevents metal from blooming and protects reliably against corrosion by means of galvanic currents between different types of metal.

TIKAL TEF-GEL can also be used as a seawater-resistant lubricant and for sealing purposes to prevent water from penetrating.

Always use your screws and bolts with Tikal Tef-Gel®, and everything can be easily taken apart again even after intensive use in seawater. The same applies to the protection of turnbuckles against rusting. Tikal Tef-Gel® is used in the boat industry, automotive industry, in aviation and aerospace and wherever parts have to be protected from corrosion.

TIKAL TEF-GEL is not harmful to health.

TIKAL TEF-GEL has no danger markings.

Two different metals connected to each other in a moist environment trigger a chemical reaction, called galvanic corrosion.

Each metal has a different potential, i.e. the ability to discharge electrons. If you connect two clearly different metals, there is a significant difference in potential between the metal bodies.

Two poles are formed: one pole at which the metal has a low potential, the anode; and one pole at which the potential is higher, the cathode. The anode discharges electrons. The released electrons feed a cathode reaction.

As a result, corrosion of the less refined metal is strengthened, while that of the refined metal is prevented. In the maritime field, for example, aluminum is often combined with stainless steel. On the electro-chemical series, aluminum is far below stainless steel, meaning that potential for electron exchange is very high.

TIKAL MARINE SYSTEMS – Your partner for yacht construction TIKAL Tef-Gel® The moist, sometimes saline environment assists exchange of electrons and the start of galvanic corrosion. You can see this, for example, on stainless steel brackets of aluminum masts or screw connections to aluminum hulls.

At first there is a white powder, and later the surface breaks off completely. Blistering and flaky lacquer can even form under lacquered surface in the course of corrosion. TIKAL TEF-GEL® provides permanent protection from such corrosion.

 It protects connections of various metals, and screw connections are kept workable permanently.

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