DUOTONE pump med lufttrycksmätare

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Pump L (4,6 l) eller XL (5,8 l) med lufttrycksmätare

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The new Kite Pump is available in two sizes: 4.6l and 5.8l.

Both sizes have the option to switch between position 1 single stroke (capacity 2.3l / 2.9l) and position 2 double stroke (capacity 4.6l / 5.8l).

The handling is intuitive, rapid and robust. The single stroke (airflow only when pushing down) is especially interesting when pumping sports equipment which needs high pressure, as less strength is needed.

A new membran system with an integrated filter protects the inside of the pump from sand to enter.

• New patented top cap with single or double stroke switch
• New membran system (with integrated filter) to avoid sand to enter
• Ergonomically designed handle for more comfort
• Optional double -/ or single stroke capacity for more efficiency
• Capacity L (4.6l) and XL (5.8l) max pressure 13 PSI
• Integrated gauge meter

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