PIQ waterproof box + board mount

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PIQ waterproof box + board mount

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North Kiteboarding and PIQ is the most advanced wearable technology for kiteboarding on the market. With its real-time display, you'll ride harder than you've ever ridden. PIQ shows you in real time the height of your jumps, directly on your board. The North Kiteboarding and PIQ mobile app will also provide you with precise data on your session and unique insights on your rides once you're back on the sand.


Record your rides

With our kiteboarding performance tracker, you can record your rides and track your progress. For each of your jumps, measure your airtime, jump height, and the smoothness of your landing!

Real-time display

Get the height of your last jump directly on your board with the press of a button.

Rise up the leaderboard

After each one of your sessions, find out whether you made the leaderboard! Compete with your friends, within the community, and share your best moments! Whether a beginner or a pro, the North and PIQ tracker was designed for you and your rides!


  • PIQ sensor
  • PIQFuel battery bank
  • Mount
  • Casing
  • Activation card

LED Display

Battery life up to 8 hours

IP67 Waterproof


Bluetooth Low Energy

Free app

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