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Select S1 PRO Tuttle Box

Mycket högprestanda fena tillverkad i full carbon för den kräsne surfaren som söker prestanda i tävlingsnivå. Smal korda med mindre profil ger otrolig speed med minimalt motstånd.

PWA Approved

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Board type : Slalom (allround)

New version of the S1 Slam EVO

  • Full carbon fin
  • More nervousness
  • Unmatched versatility
  • Wider range of use
  • Higher speed in all sailing conditions
  • PWA Approved
  • LAB. FINPROJECT Leading-Edge Innovation!

    Our fins are constantly optimized. This is no marketing gimmick. Hours spent in the lab and on the water are what deliver genuine technological progress - not hype and shiny artwork. Permanent feedback from our technicians and riders enables us to advance our products, to redefine outlines, perfect profiles, reduce drag, weight, and friction. We eat, sleep, and breathe for improvement. We earn every microscopic enhancement and fraction of a millimeter’s efficiency through passion and dedication for your benefit. The constant search for fluidity, pop or top speed is relentless and proven by our Pro Riders’ results.

    TECHNOLOGY: Pre-preg carbon custom molded. Hand-finished

    BASE: Rigid fin base for stable power transmission.

    Trailing edge: Very sharp trailing edge* > Less drag and enhanced performances.

    TWIST: Blocked twist for increasing the lift.

    FLEX:  Soft tip for comfortable riding. Generates a good amount of lift.

Box :

  • Power Box
  • Tuttle Box
  • Deep Tuttle Box

Technology :

  • Semi-Custom full carbon / Manual finishing
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