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Fanatic Falcon Slalom TE

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Fastest board in Fanatic range

Designed for competetive slalom racing

Choice of PWA champion - Pierre Mortefon

Made using ultralight Biax Carbon construction

130 and 140 comes foil ready

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The Falcon Slalom boards are designed for total control at every situation you’re facing on a racecourse - your focus stays 100% on your speed and your line, rather than your equipment.

Fanatic's R&D team has been testing, tweaking and tuning every mm of the Falcon TE range to develop World Champion shapes, which leave all other boards in their wake.

Pierre Mortefon has already demonstrated that  when he won the PWA Slalom World title with red rockets. In 2021 he proofed it again as he finished as PWA Slalom Vice World Champion!

For 2022, designers were able to redefine the construction of performance slalom boards resulting in a lighter and even more crisp riding experience!