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DUOTONE Uni.XT RDM 36 cm mastförlängare

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High-strength and super solid extension with real innovations that make the UNI.XT an unparalleled product.

All UNI.XT are shipped with an extremely durable original Marlow® rope!
2 years unlimited warranty

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UNI.XT – the most technically advanced and yet the most lightweight standard aluminium extension we have ever built. Now also built using AERO carbon technology to create the most lightweight extension in the world.

Kraft för att spänna nedhalet i ditt windsurfingsegel

1. Wave 5.0 with 400 RDM mast 2. Freeride 6.6 with 430 SDM mast 3. Race  8.6 with 490 SDM mast
Loop-loop-go (= 4:1 ratio): 60kg Loop-loop-go (= 4:1 ratio): 108kg Loop-loop-go (= 4:1 ratio): 155kg
Thread-through (= 6:1 ratio): 57kg Thread-through (= 6:1 ratio): 93kg Thread-through (= 6:1 ratio): 135kg 


1.                         With a 6:1 ratio you have to thread the rope through all 3 rollers at the sail plus the 2 rollers at the base. With a 4:1 ratio you just loop the rope through the outer rollers at the sail and over the open roller at the base (much more comfortable and time-saving)

2.                         With the 6:1 ratio you need a twice as long rope as with the 4:1 ratio. Therefore with a 4:1 ratio you can downhaul the sail in one go whereas with a 6:1 ratio you need to retighten the rope

3.                         In theory the 6:1 ratio the downhaul forces compared to the 4:1 ratio should be reduced by 50%. But due to the friction-loss of the rollers the force reduction is max. 15%

4.                         Roller-bearing rollers at the base lead to a force-reduction of “just” 8% (a noticeable difference could only be achieved by also exchanging the rollers of the sail tack roller)

When it comes to standard extensions, everyone has probably experienced some nasty surprises at some point. They rarely fit with the rope alignment on the sail, most of them need high downhaul forces, and more often than not the mechanism for adjusting the height is extremely fiddly. Before designing the UNI.XT we analysed all of these issues in detail and came up with workable solutions. The strong and super-solid UNI.XT extension may look like numerous other standard extensions at first glance, yet it is replete with innovations which make it a far superior product.


2 THREAD SYSTEM – compatible with all sail brands

Is there anything more infuriating than unpacking the sail and then finding out that the tack roller is not aligned correctly with the extension? Or when it takes hours to thread the ropes? Thanks to the exclusive arrangement of trim rollers, the UNI.XT does away with all of these problems. The rollers are positioned in the cup so they are well protected, preventing damage and injury. This arrangement ensures an absolutely frictionless alignment of the rope in combination with 0° tack rollers (e.g. DUOTONE, NeilPryde, GA) as well as with roller units rotated by 90° (e.g. Gun Sails, Naish, Severne). This ultimately saves on downhaul force and protects the rope. Furthermore, this roller arrangement for the first time enables the Loop-Loop-Go feature for all sail brands. Simply fit the rope loop over one of the outer rollers and start trimming.

DOUBLE FOOT TRIM – 30% less force required

The UNI.XT also has a lot more to offer in terms of power efficiency. In order to get the most effective and reliable support against the extension when tensioning the luff, the DOUBLE FOOT TRIM option was integrated in addition to other ergonomic considerations. Thanks to the intelligent positioning of the cleat, you can for the first time rest both feet against the extension and thus apply far more force while keeping the strain on your back to a minimum. This is just like in rowing, where more force is applied through pushing with your legs than pulling with your back.

RAPID RELEASE – extremely fast de-rigging

The cleat of the UNI.XT is positioned so that, when de-rigging, only one foot needs to be placed on the extension, after which the rope is released from the cleat with a single jerk motion. Thanks to the RAPID RELEASE SYSTEM, the luff is completely released in a single movement and the sail can be pulled from the mast straight away.

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