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Fanatic 1150 Aero Carve Carbon Foilpaket

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Carve är valet för dig som vill komma upp i högre topphastighet och betydligt större manövrerbarhet på vågen. Carve är även det första valet för vårt freestyle-team som tävlar på världstouren. Dessa vingar ger dem möjlighet att ladda upp för sina hopp med högre hastighet, vilket resulterar i en mer explosiv pop. Det medelstora aspektförhållandet innebär också att de hårda landningarna är mycket mindre påfrestande för resten av deras utrustning.

Tillverkad i finaste carbon med superfinish.

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Paket innehåller följande:

Fanatic Mast (90 alt 75) & Fuselage Set och Carve carbon vinge

Our new range of mid to low aspect Aero Carve Wings is designed for the ambitious rider looking for direct and playful turning response in the waves and aggressive pop for air moves.

At first glance you might think the Aero Carve range goes totally against the trend. There’s more and more high aspect wings for pumping and improved glide out there, whilst these new Carve wings are in the mid to low aspect range - but that’s exactly one of the reasons our team loves them so much! The shorter span offers direct response to steering and follows commands very intuitively and with a forgiving nature. The control you have over these wings makes you carve harder and with more control from the first wave you pick. The wing recovers effortlessly when breaching and landings are smooth and easy, so you’ll be popping back up in flight mode right away. The curved centre with wider chord offers aggressive pop for jumping and the reflexed horizontal tips are neutral when getting some air on hard carves. The Aero Carve is the pick of most our team riders not only in the waves, but also for radical freestyle action.



These are our Aero Carve Wing sets:

• Aero Carve Foil 750: 750 front wing / 216 back wing

Our smallest and most radical setup for all lighter riders and advanced foilers up to about 85kg, handling also faster and more powerful surf

• Aero Carve Foil 900: 900 front wing / 216 back wing

The go-to setup for many of our team riders offers a great combination of speed, lift and pop, covering riders between 50-95kg up to medium size surf

• Aero Carve Foil 1150: 1150 front wing / 250 back wing

Early take off and great lift offering tight carves also in softer and smaller surf. Mid sized to heavier riders with advanced level will love this combo!

• Aero Carve Foil 1400: 1400 front wing / 250 back wing

Earliest take off and maximum lift combined with tight carving experience for all heavier rider

The Aero Carve wings are best matched with our shorter fuselages for maximum turning experience.


Modern : Modern designs with fast and efficient profiles offering a great mix of glide, pump, speed and responsive turning.

Structural Strength: High structural strength offers direct response and very intuitive behavior without delay.

Highly Performant Stabilizers: Low drag and highly performant new range of Stabilizers

Optimized Flex: Specifically developed layup and Carbon fibre orientation defining the flex of the wing

Recessed Mounting: Recessed mounting area for minimum drag transition from wing to fuselage

Screws: M8 & M6 Torx screws plus tools

Extremely Rigid: Extremely rigid Mast/Fuselage setup offering direct and predictable steering

Accessories: Aero Bag

Mast/Fuselage sets come with new Aero Foil Bag including covers for safe transport of your foil and all accessories, wing sets are delivered in covers.

Covers: Wing sets are delivered in covers

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