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Beach 160D med centerbord

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160D Beach är en perfekt kombo av funboard och instegsbräda. Tack vare den korta längden och bredden planar den oerhört lätt och känns samtidigt inte stor när det blåser.

Bra instegsfunboard. Mycket tålig och med centerbord vilket gör den till den bästa instegsbrädan till lägsta pris. Nytt material Tough-Tec , som gör brädan betydligt slagtåligare och samtidigt lättare.

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Easy to Ride, Ultra-Durable, Great Price

The Beach 160 D is suited for the light to medium-weight riders to learn and progress on. Stable and easy to ride, its short shape makes it simple to carve and jibe, even in light winds. It is a board that gets fast up to planing, and thanks to its short length, it will give exciting funboard. An ideal board to learn funboard.


Beach Series

Beach range boards are the perfect solution for sailing schools looking for tough, strong, up-to-date yet easy-riding equipment. They’re manufactured using our new TOUGH-TEC technology: outer skin/shell made from ultra-resistant polyethylene, wrapped round a rigid, waterproof, polystyrene core. Beach Series boards are supremely stable for beginners, and easy for learning your first serious moves. The deck is covered with a thick cushion of EVA anti-slip grip foam. BIC Sport Beach series boards come as standard with a tough retractable daggerboard and with carry handles at the front, side and rear.

Length Width Volume Weight
255 cm 82 cm 160 L 14.5 kg


Maximum Durability 

1. Deck pad
2. Rugged Tough-Tec Outer Shell
3. Molded, Watertight EPS Foam Core
4.Tough-Tec outer shell.

Keys Features :
- Molded, Watertight EPS Foam Core for structural integrity and stiffness.
- Extremely tough outer polyethylene skin for extreme impact resistance.
- Embossed EVA foam pad for maximum comfort.
- Molded external inserts – no penetrations through outer shell and maximum strength

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