ION Seek Core 4/3 BZ Black

2 999,00 kr

(inkl. moms)


Seek Core passar alla vattensporter. Front Zip (dragkedja på bröstet) för ännu bättre passform, för att slippa att vatten rinner in i ryggen.

Dräneringshål i vaden för att slippa vatten samlas inne i våtdräkten. Hot Stuff 2.0 samt S-type neopren tillverkad av kalksten.

För vattentemperatur från 12 grader C

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Seek Core wetsuits offer premium performance for an affordable price. The single-lined back panel allows freedom of movement where needed, whilst Hot_Stuff 2.0 provides warmth and quick drying. In spots without thermal lining, super soft Silk_Stuff increases next-to-skin comfort to the max. Highly durable nylon in the leg and torso area make the Seek Core a very robust companion for your adventures.

Seek Core Backzip models feature additional protection pads at the shins as well as detachable leg loops to prevent water from rushing into the suit.

- WARM: Hot_Stuff 2.0 ensures no limitation in stretch and keeps you warm at the same time.

- MEDIUM STRETCH: A smart combination of materials from higher levels makes sure that this wetsuit will give you a good

time on the water.

- SEAM SEALING: Improved version of highly elastic neoprene tape securing every inch of lower body seams and highly stressed cuff area.

- HOT_STUFF 2.0:  The Hot_Stuff 2.0 comes with a plushier feel due to larger loops that trap more air for heat insulation. It is the stretchiest thermo lining in ION‘s entire range.

- SILK_STUFF: Smooth inside lining for a comfortable feeling on bare skin. Despite its snuggly appearance it proves to be really hard core when it comes to the interior‘s superb flexible characteristics.

- MAKI_TAPE: Highly elastic neoprene tape reinforces the seams on the lower body and commonly stressed cuff area from the inside.

- SWEEP_CUT: Seam-free shoulder design for increased paddle reach and shoulder rotation.

- CORDLOCK: A soft cord lock for front-zip wetsuits that can be adjusted with just one hand. It‘s a subtle addition that won‘t bother you while riding.

- CONTOUR CUT: To improve flexibility and comfort, all ION wetsuits come with the ION Contour_Cut. It greatly enhances flex in the collar, wrists, elbows, insteps and the back of the knees.

- S_TYPE NEOPRENE: The S_Type standard foam is made from limestone instead of oil. lt offers good stretch and warmth.

-Back Zip (BZ)

  XS 46 169–175 54–62 88–93
  S 48 172–178 62–70 93–98
  M 50 175–181 70–78 98–103
  L 52 178–184 78–86 103–108
  XL 54 181–187 86–94 108–113
  XXL 56 184–190 94–102 113–118
  3XL 58 186–193 102–111 118–125
  4XL 60 187–194 111–120 125–134
TALL ST 94 174–179 65–74 92–98
  MT 98 182–189 73–82 97–103
  LT 102 185–192 81–90 102–108
  XLT 106 188–195 89–98 107–113
SHORT MS 25 167–174 66–75 98–104
  LS 26 170–177 74–83 103–109
  XLS 27 173–180 82–91 108–114
  XXLS 28 176–183 90–98 113–119

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