Phantom Infinite 86 LTD

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Nya Phantom Infinite har en revolutionerande skrovform utvecklad av Nicolas Goyard, med en skarp ”köldesign”. Den skarpa köldesignen minskar betydligt aerodynamiskt motstånd, minskar den våta ytan vid landningar och möjliggör en hög krängningsvinkel och tighta jippar utan att vidröra vattenytan. Hela brädans koncept har designats för att minska aerodynamiskt motstånd och öka stabiliteten under flygningen.

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The new Infinite LTD boards have redefined our approach of thinking and designing wind foiling boards.

This board features a revolutionary hull shape developed by Nicolas Goyard, with a sharp-chined design. The sharp-chined hull design significantly reduces aerodynamic drag, decreases the wetted surface during touch-downs, and allows for a high angle of heel and tight gybes without touching the water surface. The whole board concept has been rethought in order to reduce aerodynamic drag and increases stability in flight.

This board blew our minds during the R&D campaign. The designer himself, Nicolas, beat his own speed record on the first try with a top speed of 41.91 and an average of 39.14 on 500m!

Here's what he has to say: After years of researching the entire foiling gear, I've been searching for a way to take another step forward in the foiling world. The goal was to have a breakthrough and enter a new generation of boards, just like in 2020 when everybody started adopting pretty flat deck shapes.

The idea of a non-flat hull shape is not originally mine; I came across it on some windsurfing forums. From there, I designed a first prototype to see how it could work. The idea showed promise as it allowed the rails to be higher above the water while making them thinner, potentially reducing drag.

However, I was skeptical about how the board would perform during touchdowns and, more importantly, for planning and take-off. Then I tried it, and I was in shock. The board was more stable in the air, felt lighter, the jibes were amazing, and the touchdowns were good. Moreover, it took off better than any of my previous designs! My brother, who initially didn't believe me, tried it and confirmed. We were on the right path! Of course, it was a first prototype, and I knew it could be much better.

From there, it was a lengthy 3D research process using simulation tools to find the perfect balance between minimizing aerodynamic drag and maintaining air stability. Air stability was the factor I focused on the most, and it worked even better than expected. We aimed to achieve this without sacrificing planning ability, improving comfort during touchdowns, and making jibing easier. The overall board now has more performance than before, and on top of that, it's easier!

It was a real challenge, but I am so excited about the result! The Infinite 86 even allowed me to break my speed record in wind conditions where I was supposed to use a much smaller board. This proves how much aerodynamic drag has improved and how much easier it is to push on the foil when you feel safe to take a gust and/or make a touchdown at over 40 knots. I can't wait to keep pushing boundaries with these amazing boards!

The Infinite 86 board also features:

New reinforced construction with Kevlar in impact zones (nose and around the mast foot).

Max Width : 86cm

Length : 210cm

Volume : 172L

Program : Slalom Light - Medium & Strong Wind

Sail range : 4.4 - 8,8m2

Construction: Custom full carbon

Weight: 9,6 kg

Limited edition

Exclusively on Pre Order - Available in April/May 2024