SIC Raptor 5.8" Wing Board 110 ltr

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Stabilitet på vattnet gör att du kan koncentrera dig på att hantera vingen och göra dina första "flygningar". Mycket enkel vattenstart. Dess generösa volym på 116L betyder att du kan lära dig att Wingfoil enklare. Vikten är endast 7,4 kg.

Utformad för att lätt lära sig wingfoil och för att ge avancerad prestanda för mer erfarna wingare

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The Aria 5'8" board is the ideal solution for learning to wingfoil and progressing fast. Its 110L volume makes it a great fit for most sizes of rider.

The fairly flat rocker profile makes take-off easy, and its bevelled rail guarantees optimum performance as well as reducing risk of snagging when it touches water during turns and when leaning/banking the board. It never « sticks » to the water surface. The reduced rear rocker makes waterstarting simple and makes it more forgiving during in-flight water touches.

Its Superfly X construction (BiaX Carbon) is extremely tough, stiff and light weight, giving great responsiveness and optimum performance. The deck inserts make foot-straps a perfect option for riders who like a little more hold during jumps.

The double-rail system helps precision-mount the foil, while the generous deck pad and kick tail guarantee you maximum ride comfort.

CONSTRUCTION AT: Tough build, rigid, light-weight

COMPACT LENGTH AND WIDE PROFILE: Excellent stability on the water and in flight

REDUCED REAR ROCKER: Easy waterstarts, and very forgiving when snagging the surface. Never “sticks” to the water

CLOSE-SET FOOT STRAP INSERTS: Adapt easily to your riding style

DOUBLE-RAIL: Precision-mounting of the foil

INTEGRAL HULL-MOUNTED HANDLE: Easy transportation with the foil fitted

EVA DIAMOND-GROOVE DECK PAD AND KICKTAIL: Premium quality materials for maximum ride comfort


5'8" x 28.0" x 5.20" | 110L 

172.7 x 71.2 x 13.2cm | 110L | 7.4kg

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