Phantom Strato

23 999,00 kr

(inkl. moms)


Denna freestyle/wave WingFoil-bräda är designad för erfarna foilare som letar efter en kompakt och reaktiv vingbräda.

Phantom har utvecklat wingbräda med flytande stabilitet i icke-flygande läge, enklast möjliga start och en direkt känsla med foilen i fokus.

Produkt tillgänglig för beställning

We have developed our board with floaty stability in non-flying mode, the easiest possible take-off, and a direct feeling with the foil in mind.

The take-off is boosted by the specific cut-out and rail shape.

The lowered deck provides a direct feeling with the foil.

There are multiple footstrap positions for every rider and style.

The rake angle is optimized for smooth touchdown.

This freestyle/wave WingFoil board is designed for experienced, medium weight riders who are looking for a compact and reactive wing board.

Volume 95L: Riders from 80 to 100+kg

Volume 80L: Riders from 70 to 90kg

Volume 65L: Riders from 60 to 80kg

Volume 50L: Riders from 50 to 70kg