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Gaastra-Tabou Wing Foil paket

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Gaastra och Tabou har många års erfarenhet av foil och nu ger man sig in på Foil Wing marknaden och erbjuder detta paketet. Våra tester med paketet visar att man redan efter ngn timma kommer igång och flyger.

Paket innehåller: Gaastra Foil Wing. Tabou Air Pocket valfri storlek (standard är 6´0),  Gaastra Foil (standard är1750 frontvinge), 

För andra kombinationer hör av dig till oss.

Kompletera med pump och leash (Wrist -fot)samt boardbag.

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Gaastra Tabou Pocket , Komplett Wing Foil paket består av följande:

Tabou Pocket Air LTD 6´0

Winge Gaastra Cross inkl wrist leash.

Foil Gaastra Hybrid HA 1750 cm2

(UPPGRADERA MED pump, brädleash, boardbag)

För  andra alternativ så kan du kontakta oss för pris.



The Cross is the consequent evolution of our previous wing model, featuring an outstandingly performing allround design. Easy and balanced handling is combined with reinforcements, multiple strap positions and a window to make wingsurfing more accessible to less experienced riders. Also freestylers will appreciate the different strap positions together with the neutral handling in order to perform jumps and wing handling tricks in the water and on the land. Utilizing wind as your power ressource has never been as easy and enjoyable as with the Cross 2021.


SIZES    2.8  |  3.5  |  4.2  |  5.2  |  6.2

Tabou Pocket Air


The brand-new platform for your wingfoiling experience – the Pocket Air is devoted to everybody, who wants to either experience winging for the first time or push his limits in the waves and the air. The Pocket Air offers stability and an early take-off with smooth touch downs, allowing riders of all skill levels to enjoy their wingfoiling session, but also manoeuvrability for more advanced riders, who want to foil in swell and go for jumps. Multiple foot strap insert positions add control especially in stronger winds and in combination with the mast track make the Pocket Air the perfect platform for manoeuvre-oriented windfoiling.

Pocket Air 
87 l 97 l 107 l 117 l
Length 162 cm 177 cm 183 cm 189 cm
Width 67.5 cm 69 cm 71 cm 73 cm
Weight(*) 7.2 Kg 7.8 Kg 8.1 Kg 8.6 Kg
Box Double US Box Double US Box Double US Box Double US Box

Hybrid Foil

Wingfoiling – Set 2000

The Hybrid Foil with Double US Plate adapter offers allround performance and the freedom to customize the foil according to your individual requirements. A smooth and extremely early take-off, control in the air and a lot of performance potential provide both novices and advanced foil riders with the right setup for their flight. The Hybrid Wing Foil set is composed of an 85cm aluminium mast, an 85cm CNC milled aluminium fuselage and a 2000cm2 front wing, which leads to an incredibly stable and comfortable flight. For increased agility, lift or speed, you can adjust the foil with one of the many tuning parts.


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