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Detta är vårt absolut mest sålda kompletta paket perfekt för insteg och fortsättning, återfallssurfare eller nybörjare.

Techno är enormt användbar i alla förhållanden och vår mest sålda bräda samt även världens mest producerade modell.

 Gaastra Pilot seglet är för dig som söker ett allroundsegel med bra manöverförmåga och samtidigt brett vindregister.

Förklaring: Nivå 1= Nybörjare / Nivå 3=Medelgod alt tex återfallsurfare / Nivå 5= Duktig windsurfare

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Gaastra Techno 160 D , Pilot Komplett riggpaket består av följande:

TaHe Techno centerbordsbräda 160 ltr

Segel Gaastra Pilot: valfri storlek 45-6,8 kvm

Mast RDM: 400-430-460(SDM), anpassad mast för varje storlek.

BOM Vario:140-190 alt 170-220 (6,2 - 6,8)

Mastförlängare VARIO , mastfot.

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Generous volume, great stability and featuring a retractable daggerboard, the Techno 185 D and 160 D are perfectly designed to give you the most helpful conditions for learning to plane, to jibe and how to ride properly in the footstraps. Highly versatile boards that will encourage the whole family learn and progress. They are made using the thermoformed composite technology ACE-TEC and is as a result much lighter than those of the competition.


This legendary range in many ways wrote the modern history of funboarding, with easy-riding, highly versatile boards that are much respected for their performance, their strength, their light weight and the quality of their fittings. Built using ACE-TEC construction technology, the Techno boards have become the benchmark in their category. The  range divides neatly in two : The blue series with the super-versatile Techno 2400 D, Techno 205 D and Techno 160 D which come fitted with a (retractable) daggerboard on one side, on the other the red series with the Techno 148 and 133 pure funboards.


TaHe is the only windsurf manufacturer who’s production facility is in Europe, and the only manufacturer to have mastered the technological art of thermo-forming in aluminium moulds, guaranteeing 100% faithful reproduction of the original prototype shapes approved by the shaper and riders.

With decades of experience in windsurf manufacturing TaHe is a pioneer and expert in the field of thermoformed composite construction technology. Over the past few years we’ve refined our ACE-TEC technology for Windsurf boards. This unique technology suits the needs of experienced riders and newbies alike with a unique combination of LIGHT WEIGHT, DURABILITAND PERFORMANCE at a great price.

Data specs Length Width Volume Weight
Techno 160 255 cm 82 cm 160 L 11 kg
  Fin Daggersystem Ideal sail m2  
  RIDE 43 60 cm 2.5 - 9.0  
Data specs Length Width Volume Weight
Techno 185 293 cm 79 cm 185 L 12,5 kg
  Fin Daggersystem Ideal sail m2  
  RIDE 46 60 cm 2.5 - 9.0  


The Pilot is a dedicated sail design for riders, who look for the perfect blend of performance, high quality and a maximum value. Everybody, who enjoys a smooth freeride session or is making his first steps into the foot straps will love the Pilot. The relaxed luff curve improves compatibility with nearly any mast brand, making the Pilot an economical sail for families. Super smooth batten rotation, progressive pull and the backhanded profile offer enough power to move and manoeuvre even heavier older boards. The lightweight construction of the Pilot makes it suitable for everybody, who wants to enjoy a smooth windsurfing session.

4.5 400 19 407 153 7.5 4 Vario
5.0 400 19 422 166 22.5 4 Vario
5.6 430 21 435 180 7.5 5 Fixed
6.2 430 21 453 189 25 5 Fixed
6.8 460 25 468 199 10 5 Fixed