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(Nivå 2-4) Techno 160F / Duotone EPX Surfpaket

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Komplett surfpaket-  Techno 160 / Duotone EPX Carbon rigg

Detta är vårt senaste paket för nybörjare och fortsättning.

En helt ny bräda som passar för Freeride och instegswindsurfing. Perfekt för dig som även vill kunna köra med Foil.

Volym på 160 ltr passar dig som väger upp till 110 kg.

Detta ingår i brädan: Fena,fotstroppar samt centrumfena.

Förklaring: Nivå 1= Nybörjare / Nivå 3=Medelgod alt tex återfallsurfare / Nivå 5= Duktig windsurfare

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Detta ingår i paketet(seglingsklart):

Bräda Techno 160 (inkl fena, stroppar,centerbord infällbart)

Duotone EPX komplett seglingsklar rig! 

Including Carbon Mast, Boom,Mastfoot and Extension, uphaul.

The universal freeride sail with a wide range of use is suitable for application in numerous spots around the world. With its five battens, state-of-the-art profile and practical mix of materials, the EPX SAIL begins planing easily, has a stable draft position and is easy to control – leaving you free to experience the thrill of gybing and rapid strokes. The EPX SAIL is a loyal partner on the road to the next ability level. Five different sizes cover all of the key wind ranges.


SIZE 4.2 4.7 5.4 5.8 6.4
BOOM MAX (CM) 161 169 179 183 192
LUFF MAX (CM) 389 416 439 451 457
VARIO TOP -- -- --
BATTENS 5 5 5 5 5
WEIGHT (KG) 3.20 3.40 3.60 3.80 4.00
MAST TYPE (BEST/ALT.) EPX.25 / BLACK.50 EPX.25 / BLACK.50 EPX.25 / BLACK.50 EPX.25 / BLACK.50 EPX.25 / BLACK.50
MAST LENGTH (BEST/ALT.) 400/430 400/430 430 430 430

Techno 160F


- Wide freeride shape = stable and easy to start planing in light-wind summer conditions.

- Rails flattened at the rear and tucked under edge rails at the front = easy jibing.

- Volume evenly spread all along the board = stability while jibing, tacking and uphauling.

- Slalom/Race rocker = starts planing early, plus faster light wind speed.


- 160L of volume + 82 cm board width = provides maximum stability when uphauling the sail.

- Full pad on the deck = maximum comfort for kids who are learning to windsurf.

- Removable “no tool” center fin = works like a small daggerboard. Makes upwind sailing easier. Easy to teach the kids to windsurf.

- Short, wide and powerful Beach 30 cm fin = ensures easy beach start and smooth cruising in shallow water.

Data specs Length Width Volume Weight
Techno 160 255 cm 82 cm 160 L 11 kg


With decades of experience in windsurf and surfboard manufacturing BIC Sport is a pioneer and expert in the field of thermoformed composite construction technology. Over the past few years we’ve refined our ACE-TEC technology for SUP, Surf and Windsurf boards. This unique technology suits the needs of experienced riders and newbies alike with a unique combination of LIGHT WEIGHT, DURABILITY AND PERFORMANCE at a great price.


Footstraps: Ergoform x 4 positions: 2 + 1 centre rear on 3 position inserts

Pads: 5 pieces, 5mm thickness