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Surfpaket (Nivå 2-4) Techno / Gaastra Pilot 2020

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Med Techno kan du surfa med fantastisk känsla.  Den är så enormt användbar i alla förhållanden och det förvånar oss inte att den inte bara är vår mest sålda bräda utan även världens mest producerade modell.

Nya Gaastra Pilot är ett snabbplanande och oerhört manövervänligt segel.

Pilot är enkelt att rigga och enkelt att trimma för olika vindar då detta seglet har en en mjukare trimbar profil

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Detta ingår i paketet (seglingsklart):

BIC Techno 2020 (133 / 148) inkl fena, stroppar

Segel Gaastra Pilot 2020: valfri storlek 45-6,8 kvm

Mast RDM: 400-430-460(SDM), anpassad mast för varje storlek.

BOM Vario:140-185 alt 160-210 (6,2 - 6,8)

RDM/SDM  mastförlängare, Mastfot

(Uppgradera med hängseletampar, upphalslina.)

BIC TECHNO- Versatile, easy and very fast!

A great board for lighter weight beginners, the Techno  is a great weapon in light to moderate winds, with the kind of acceleration, straight line speed and lively handling that make it one of the best in its category.

This legendary range is part of the history of funboarding, boards that are easy to ride, fast and versatile. The Techno 283 was the first of the new generation of wide boards. Since then, the Techno series has shown its supremacy in all types of water conditions and won much public appreciation : from the most demanding of racers (Techno 293OD) to lovers of long distance racing and cruising (Hi Ho)… not forgetting funboard clubs the world over and the most hardcore of funboard riders, they’ve all loved the boards’ performance, strength, stiffness and light weight, matched by the quality of the fittings. The whole Techno series is now accepted as the benchmark in their individual categories.


Model Length Width Vol. Weight Ideal sail m2
Techno 133 250 cm 70 cm 133 litres 8,9 kg < - 8.5
Techno 148 264 cm 75 cm 148 litres 9,7kg < - 8.5



The Pilot returns for the new season after a complete redesign. The Pilot is set up for maximum
compatibility and performance for sailors looking for an economical sail. A relaxed luff curve improves compatibility with nearly any mast brand. Super simple rotation and progressive pull make the sail easy to handle and a breeze to learn on. For more advanced riders a progressive profile and compact outline provide superb maneuverability and planning power to make sure you get the most fun out of every session

4.5 400 19 407 153 7.5 4 Vario
5.0 400 19 422 166 22.5 4 Vario
5.6 430 21 435 180 7.5 5 Fixed
6.2 430 21 453 189 25 5 Fixed
6.8 460 25 468 199 10 5 Fixed