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WIND SUP (Nivå 1-3) / Gaastra Freetime Surfpaket

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Det har aldrig varit lättare att surfa och inte minst att rigga ditt segel.

Denna SUP är utrustad med mastskena som du sätter ditt windsurfingsegel/rig på. Den har dessutom till skillnad mot 99% av alla Wind-SUP ett centerbord som är 100% infällbart.

Inklusive allt du behöver för att komma ut på vattnet. Mycket lättriggat segel.

Komplett paket, färdigt att segla.

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Detta ingår i paketet (seglingsklart): 

TaHe Bräda Windsup (inkl fena, centerbord)


Including Carbon Mast, Boom, Mastfoot and Extension.

Komplettera med SUP Paddel och leash för att kunna paddla SUP.

Det kan tillkomma frakttillägg (utöver fraktkostnaden som uppges i webshoppens kassa) till avlägsna orter på fastlandet samt leverans ut till öar. Frakttillägg faktureras separat i efterskott.


Featuring a mastfoot track for attaching a windsurf rig as well as a retractable daggerboard, the 11’6’’ WIND is a highly versatile and adaptable SUP/windsurfer for both windy and calm conditions. Its substantial volume and width offer excellent lateral stability without compromising performance. Volume is evenly spread throughout the board and it’s finely balanced rocker and longboardstyle outline make it easy to handle in flatwater conditions without reducing agility in the surf zone. The 11’6’’ is also a great choice for families looking to bring along the kids or pets.
Shaped for novice riders up to 260lbs/120kg  and will float more advanced paddlers up to 300lbs.

Particularly long and specifically shaped for multi-purpose navigation, the BIC SUP Wind boards offer the advantage of being able to double-up as windsurf boards in light wind conditions. Their large volume and width make them also suitable for beginners. The 11'6 and 10'6 BIC SUP Wind boards offer therefore the extra appeal of a dual-program.

Data specs







350 cm

82 cm

12.1 cm

15 Kg

215 L

FCS Dolphin 10"



ACE-TEC is a light composite that gives the board excellent stiffness and the best of glide on the water, at an affordable price. This technology which is exclusive to BIC Sport allows for the original shape to be reproduced faithfully on all production boards. ACE-TEC provides a huge advantage over polyester and epoxy sandwich: it is its excellent resistance to shocks, provided by its fine coating skin made out of polymer materials that protect it. A shock against a rock will leave just the slightest of marks on the skin of an ACE-TEC SUP board, whereas it would certainly leave a hole in a polyester or epoxy sandwich board.

Gaastra Freetime Rig - SIMPLE 100% FUN

It´s the best value for money - FUN TIMES you will never forget.

Pure joy for everybody who wants to start windsurfing- Best deal available. The rigs are durable, easy to rig, forgiving, stable and with very good handling, exactly what you need for your first days in windsurfing. The short luff in combination with a lightweight mast give the KIDS & START sails its unique easy going character.


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