Tabou 3S Classic 2020

20 999,00 kr

(inkl. moms)


Tabou 3S Classic är nog en av dom roligaste modellerna för dig som kör allround o lite vågor. Supersnabb och otroligt kvick i manövrar. En klar favorit.

Tillfälligt slut

Windsurfers looking for versatility packed into a classic freewave shape.

With the return of the classic 3S in the past season, we immediately realized that this board came back to stay. A decade of work and development was combined with selected features of the compact 3S + to create a board that is easy and most importantly fun to use in all conditions.

The traditional, longer outline was combined with a forgiving, early-planing rocker and a cut-off tail for easier jibing. A double step tail cut-out increases both maneuverability and especially speed by reducing the wetted surface area for less drag and higher top speed. On the rail, the cut-out acts like a kick tail so that the board turns in a much tighter radius. The length of the 3S Classic allows you to go fast, while easily balancing and cutting through chop.

Volume 97 l 107 l 117 l
Length 236 cm 236 cm 236 cm
Width 61 cm 64.5 cm 66 cm
Weight(*) 6.5/6.8 kg 6.7/7.0 kg 7.1/7.4 kg
Box Powerbox Powerbox Powerbox
Fin  1x FR 28  1x FR 32 1x FR 34
Sail Range 4.2 – 6.6 m² 4.5 – 7.0 m² 4.7 – 7.4 m²