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OBrien Intent 141 inkl bindning Border 40-43

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BOAT BOARD - Supercharged Performance

Snabb, vansinnigt responsiv, har en rakets explosivitet och landar mjukare än en astronaut som hoppar på månen.

Från den här känslan på vattnet till explosiviteten i surfen, är Intent i en egen liga, kapabel till att höja allas förmåga om vad som är möjligt på en bräda.

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BOAT BOARD - Supercharged Performance

The Intent is the epitome of a performance boat board. It's fast, insanely responsive, has the explosiveness of a rocketship, and lands softer than an astronaut doing jumping jacks on the moon.

While riding flat, it's loose and lively but put it on edge, and a mind-warping connection between you and the board builds as it morphs into an all-out wake charging machine.

From this feeling on the water to the explosiveness off the wake, the Intent is in a league of its own, capable of elevating everyone's perception of what's possible on a board.


- 3-Stage Rocker: This rocker line is generally flatter between the bindings, but dramatically angles upward towards the tip and tail. This explosive rocker line generates a more aggressive and vertical pop off the wake.

- Feather Core: Feather Core reduces the board’s swing weight for more midair control, while simultaneously maintaining its profile up the face of the wake for maximum pop.

- Pulled-In Tips: Allows the board to transition faster edge-to-edge.

- Variable Beveled Edge with Full Step-Down Rail: Delivers a smooth, relaxed feel while riding flat, but once on edge it's as aggresive as they come.

- Grab Rail: Channeling on top of the board that makes it easier to lock onto grabs; also makes the board easier to carry.

- Center Spine: The "V" shape of the spine disperses water outwards upon impact resulting in softer landings.

- Delta Base: “Chevron” shaped channels molded into the tip and tail of the board that reduce drag for faster edging and a cleaner release off the wake.

- Inset Fins - Flank 0.7: Set into the nose/tail contouring of the board, these four removable fins work in conjunction with the base features for the ultimate high-performance ride.


Border Wakeboard Bindings - Premium Features

- Open Toe: Accommodates a broader size range

- Dual Lace Zones: Pinpoint adjustment for the perfect fit

- TPU Rear Cuff Flex Panel

- Integrated, Strobel Lasted Liner: Lycra-lined, molded toe and heel for greater comfort, adjustability, and control

- Internal J-Bars - Eliminate heel lift within the binding for greater control and helps support the ankle

- Dual-Density Orthotic Footbed and Midsole

- LUX Chassis System

- 2.5 ° Inward Canted Chassis

- Power Arch

- EVA Impact Dampening Pad


Intent 136 Intent 141
Length 136 cm / 53.5” 141 cm / 55.5”
Width 43.1 cm / 16.95” 43.6 cm / 17.15”
Rocker 2.3 3-Stage 2.4 3-Stage
Stance 22"–26" 23"–27"
Weight Limit max 90 kg max 105 kg
Fin Set Up Flank 0.7 Flank 0.7

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