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En förlåtande och lättåkt bräda för nybörjaren samt den mer erfarne åkaren som söker ett prisvärt alternativ. Med förhöjda dubbelkanaler, continuous rocker och Attack 1.4 centerfenor får man en bräda med precist kantgrepp och bra pop!

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BOAT BOARD – Affordable ride to Develop Technique

The System is a great first board for anyone getting into the sport and the perfect board to keep on your boat for friends who want to try their hand at wakeboarding. With an extra buoyant foam core, the System makes getting up and riding as effortless as can be. Once up, the dual channels at the tip and tail and the center-mounted fins engage to ensure smooth tracking and easy edging - delivering stability and control to the rider. As riders progress, they will appreciate the System's predictable nature and how easy it is to ride. It is the perfect board to learn on!

 - Continuous Rocker: With an even curve from tip to tail, this balanced rocker line is extremely consistent, easy to control, and rolls up the wake for a smooth predictable pop.

- Feather Core: Feather Core reduces the board’s swing weight for more midair control, while simultaneously maintaining its profile up the face of the wake for maximum pop.

- Dual Channels: Assists in tracking and stability by directing the water flow out through the tail of the board.

- Grab Rail: Channeling on top of the board that makes it easier to lock onto grabs; also makes the board easier to carry.

- 2 pcs Removable Attack 1.4 Center Fins: Provide additional tracking for riders who want more control on the water.

Length 119 cm / 46.9"
Width 38.1 cm / 15"
Rocker 2.1 Continuous
Stance 16"–20"
Weight Limit max 50 kg
Fin Set-Up Attack 1.4


OBRIEN CLUTCH Wakeboard Bindings - Perfect Entry Level

- Open Toe - Accommodates a broader size range

- Dual Lace Zones - Pinpoint adjustment for the perfect fit

- TPU Rear Cuff Flex Panel

- Free-Flex Tongue - Highly adjustable and opens wide for easy entry

- Internal J-Bars - Eliminate heel lift within the binding for greater control and helps support the ankle

- EVA footbed

- NEO Canted Chassis - Lightweight, sturdy, canted design for greater comfort while riding

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