Obrien Vortex 65,5" 166 cm med X7 bindning 37-47

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Vortex är en bredare skida med djupvattenstarter och stora carvande svängar i åtanke. Den extra åkytan ger ett bättre flyt och tillåter åkning i lägre hastigheter med mindre ansträngning.

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The Vortex Combos are our “Big-Daddy” wide-body skis. The extra surface area is hugely beneficial to larger skiers and provides a tremendous amount of lift for super easy deep-water starts and big carving turns. The large surface area also allows for skiing at slower, more comfortable boat speeds and requires less horsepower (and fuel) to get skiers up.


- Length: 65.5" (166 cm)

- X-7 Bindings: Pinch-slide adjustment for effortless entry

- Foot Size: 37–47

- Wide Forebody Ski: Increased surface area for easier starts and reduced drag

- Dual Tunnel Design: Slices through rough water for a smooth, stable ride

- Nylon Fins: Great hold on the water and easy on the boat interior

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