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ION Capture Semidry 4,5 DL Lime/Blue

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Improved stretch where you need it the most

Super robust
 thanks to Nylon and L-Tex_Protection NEW!



L-TEX_PROTECTION NEW!: Highly abrasion resistant rubber protection printings on the knee panels. Nervertheless the according ION Flex_Control zones allow outstanding freedom of movement.

SEAM_REINFORCEMENTS: All stress points are reinforced either with Melco_Tape on the inside seams or rubber logo patches on the outside to prevent ripping.

GATE_KEEPER: Problem: when you put on a wetsuit with the Water_Gate_Plus batwing construction the back panel tends to roll up inside and makes it hard to grab it without help. Solution: A Velcro patch on the upper part of the batwing makes it possible to fix the batwing on the neck closure before putting on the suit. The Gate_Keeper velcro patches on the batwing and on the neck closure are indicated in red color.

WATER_GATE_PLUS: All ION semidry wetsuits (long arms and long legs) are equipped with the Water_Gate_Plus batwing panel on the back behind the zipper. It works like a water barrier to keep out the water which soaks through the back zipper. 

CONTOUR_CUT: In order to improve felxibility and comfort, all ION wetsuits come with the ION Contour_Cut. It enhances the flex in collar, wrist, elbows, insteps and the hollows of the knees.

LEG LOOP: All long-leg ION wetsuits are provided with detachable Velcro Leg_Loops (except Quantum (has an integrated Velcro_Fix on the legs for easy entry)). This loop can be wrapped tight around the ankle to increase to prevent water from rushing in. To not lose the Leg_Loop on the water it has a unique construction of especially strong Velcro. Of course the Velcro Loop can also be removed easily by hand if not needed.

DRAIN_HOLES: All wetsuits with Water_Gate_Plus batwing panels have little holes on the lower back part to allow water which enters through the back zipper leaking out easily and keep the back area dry. There are Drain_Holes also placed in the calves which prevent the water from getting stuck in the legs like a bubble. ION front zip wetsuits additionally haveDrain_Holes in the chest panel and the back panel.

SUNGLASS_LOOP: A small webbing loop on the neck of ION wetsuits and tops to attach the safety line of ION sunglasses.

KEY_LOOP: All ION wetsuits are now equipped with a clever key pocket with an included elastic safety loop on calf, arm or other places depending on the model (please only store water resistant keys in this pocket to avoid damage).


Size Height (cm)  Weight (kg)  Chest (cm)
104 98-110 13-20 55-60
116 110-122 17-25 60-65
128 122-134 20-30 65-70
140 134-146 25-40 70-75
152 146-158 30-50 75-80
164 158-170 40-60 80-85


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