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ION Windsurf Stubby 215 Core Boardbag

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Skydda din bräda! 5 mm vaddering och slitstarkt yttermaterial. Passar för Stubby brädor.

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5mm foam padding, silver PE on the bottom outside and strong webbing around the edges make sure the Windsurf CORE_Boardbag will guard and protect your beloved board like you would a newborn baby! Compatible with SHOULDER STRAP CORE.

Sizes: 215
Max. Board Size: 215x58 cm
Weight: 1,9 kg
Fin Slot: Multifin

Sizes: 230
Max. Board Size: 230x63 cm
Weight: 2,1 kg
Fin Slot: Multifin

Sizes: 235
Max. Board Size: 235x70 cm
Weight: 2,3 kg
Fin Slot: Singlefin

Sizes: 238
Max. Board Size: 238x78 cm
Weight: 2,4kg
Fin Slot: Singlefin

Sizes: 240
Max. Board Size: 240x91 cm
Weight: 2,8 kg

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