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NKB Entity Combo 2018

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Entity Combo erbjuder ergonomiska footpads och fotstroppar med möjlighet till perfekt justering för just din fot och åkstil

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Taking into consideration that every foot is different, the Entity is an ergonomically shaped and highly versatile footpad. The pack of three heel cushions allow you to switch up between the varying densities of soft, medium or hard to suit your individual needs. The revolutionary split function ensures maximum grip and flawless mobility, whilst the soft neoprene covers the whole strap providing optimum grip and comfort. The width adjustment system ensures a tight wrapping around the foot which is quick and easy to use with a great fit, even when wearing booties.

- Robust Snap Strap
- Ergonomic 3D fitting
- Optional buckles
- Snap Garage

- Contact Frame
- Contact Pad
- Heel Cushions
- Split Straps
- Bombproof grip and control
- Optimum Mobility
- Optimised Velcro for better closing and durability

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