ION SUP Tec_Boardbag Race

2 399,00 kr

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Mycket bra skydd för din SUP Touringbräda. Ventilerad för att fukt ska försvinna och bärrem.

Nu med hela 10mm foam padding för att skydda din bräda mot stötar och repor .

Protective webbing around edges .PU coated Nylon 600D

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The SUP TEC_Boardbag Race is available in 2 different sizes. The 8 mm padding + Profile_Tec on the bottom paired with 10 mm padding on the top as well as side panel protection and Rail_Guard make this bag the crème de la crème of SUP travel bags. Your fins are kept safe thanks to ION's universal fin slot construction.

Bag_Breeze 2.0 keeps bag and contents ventilated and the additional Shoulder_Strap ensures that you always have one hand free for “more important things” than carrying.

Sizes: 12'6x26,5"

Max. Board Size: 381x67 cm

Weight: 4,35 kg


Sizes: 14'0x26,5"

Max. Board Size: 427 x 67 cm

Weight: 5,35 kg