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BIC SUP Paddle Junior Fiberglass shaft / Polycarbonate blade

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SUP-paddel för rekreationspaddling med lägre vikt och bra svikt för lättare personer och juniorer.

Vikten är väsentlig och 180 gram lägre vikt, jämfört med AP, känns tydligt efter en stunds paddling.

Material: Fiber/Polycarbonate (FP)

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The design and performance of BIC SUP paddle blades is based around three phases of an efficient paddle stroke:

The Catch
The blade are designed for a smooth entry into the water with minimal splash or blade rotation during entry. This allows the blade to become firmly planted in the water for the second phase of the stroke.

The Pull
This is where power is applied from the paddler, to the blade, into the water and is what propels you forward. Keeping the blade slightly narrower and longer than traditional SUP paddle blades gives you several “gears” depending on how deeply you insert the paddle into the water. Together with a slight dihedral in the blade it also reduces cavitation (flutter) for maximum transfer of power from body to blade to water.

The Recovery
Just as important as the Catch, a clean recovery minimizes power loss and maintains rhythm. BIC SUP paddle blades have minimal ‘curve’ in the blade and a thin profile. This allows the blade to “pop” out of the water at the end of the stroke quickly and cleanly. The thin profile also increases blade performance when feathering the paddle through the water, which is an advanced recovery technique used in many situations, from helping maintain balance to course corrections.


BIC SUP Paddle Original

The Original range features our value priced paddles, perfect for entry-level and recreational use. Excellent value and solid performance at budget-friendly prices.

Construction Technologies

AP - Aluminum shaft / Polycarbonate blade. Rugged and value-priced, push-pin adjustment.

FP - Fiberglass shaft / Polycarbonate blade. Light weight and value-priced, push-pin adjustment.



Sized just for kids, this new blade is smooth, efficient and proportional to the frame and power output of pre-teens.
A smaller diameter shaft is comfortable and easier to grip for small hands.

Standard is our most popular blade. Extremely smooth and responsive, the perfect size for all-around use.

Lightweight performance at a terrific price, the Fiber/Polycarbonate «FP» features a flexible fiberglass shaft paired with a rugged polycarbonate blade for ease of use and reduced stress on joints.

BIC SUP Twin Pin

BIC SUP Paddle Original Tech

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