Oxbow SUP Paddle 170-210 Performer Fiberglass shaft / Polycarbonate blade

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SUP-paddel för rekreationspaddling med lägre vikt och bra svikt för vuxna.

Vikten är väsentlig och 180 gram lägre vikt än ALU-paddel. Det känns tydligt efter en stunds paddling.

Material: Fiber/Polycarbonate (FP)

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Oxbow paddles are designed, tested and built for performance, durability and versatility in a wide range of conditions. Available in two ranges: PERFORMER and TRAVEL.

Ideal for advanced riders and newbies alike due to their ease of use and performance in a wide variety of conditions. Performer paddles are light, durable and designed for smooth yet powerful propulsion with a clean entry into the water and crisp exit at the end of the stroke. Whether your Touring, Racing, SUP Surfing or just cruising around your local lake, Performer paddles are a joy to use. 

Optimized Flex:
Extensive testing helped us determine the ideal flex pattern for maximum comfort and performance. Adding a bit more flex to the paddle provides positive feedback to the user and maximizes effective power output while reducing stress on joints for longer, more enjoyable paddle sessions.

Material: Fiberglass
Length: 170-210cm
Adj. System: Twin Pin

Material: Polycarbonate
Blade Angle: 10,5°
Area: 90"² / 575cm²
Length 17,5" / 44,5cm
Width 7,25" / 18,5cm 

WEIGHT: 1020g

Adjustment System
Proven and reliable, our TwinPin non- mechanical adjustment system is easy to use and extremely reliable. Made of rugged polycarbonate with a rubberized texture for added grip. Featured on Performer FP and Travel FP paddles.

Adjustment System
We’ve tested them all and this is the best adjustment system we’ve found.The feel and performance
of a fixed-length paddle with the versatility and convenience of an adjustable. Featuring an infinite adjustment range, no clunky adjustment mechanism to get in the way and no parts to lose. Made of rugged polycarbonate, fiberglass and stainless steel for maximum durability and performance.