ION Gearbag Tec Wing

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Ska du ut o resa? Packa smart o säkert i denna perfekta resebagen som du lätt rullar tack vare stora hjul.

Wing Foiling kräver en ny design på resväskor för att säkert transportera din utrustning till din semesterdestination. Inte minst för att komma överens med flygbolagets bagagepolicy med ett minimum av krångel. ION har haft sina tankehattar på för att praktiskt rymma alla dessa konstigt formade brädor, foil, vingar och tillbehör som vi nu vill åka iväg med.

Passar upp till 2 brädor & 4 drakar/vingar, foils mm. 

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The Wing Gearbag Tec offers ample storage space for your wing foil gear in a compact and stylish design.

Its outer fabric is made from 100% recycled PET waste, making it both eco-friendly and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of travel.

The heavy-duty wheels allow for smooth transportation through airports, sandy sidewalks, and other challenging terrains.

With ION’s Connective Handle, you can easily attach the Gearbag TEC to your personal trolley or airport baggage cart.

The Sherpa Belt gives you the freedom to keep one hand free for other essentials.

The bottom of the bag is equipped with a molded Curv plate that provides stability and protection, while Bag Breeze 2.0 ensures that unpleasant odors are kept at bay.

Curv_Plate: A thermo molded Curv plate ensures great stiffness combined with light weight and durability. The plate is protecting the area that is getting the most friction while traveling.

Wheels: Better pull than carry! Making the transport of heavy bags way more comfortable. Robust and light at the same time.

Toploader: Just as the name implies, load additional stuff on top of the bag thanks to the outside straps.

Connective_Handle: Gone are the days of hauling your boardbag in an awkward fashion across airport floors. ION has developed the Connective_Handle as a simple solution for those tricky times. Using this accessory, you can connect the front handle of the Tec Boardbag to your trolley bag or airport trolly and calmly cruise to the check in counter.

Sherpa_Belt: The sherpa_belt makes travelling even easier: simply put the belt around your shoulders and have your hands free for all the other stuff you need to take care of while traveling.

Bag_Breeze 2.0: Two TPU patches on the front and back of the bag, are combined with the mesh inserts at the front and tail to ensure great ventilation. The mesh inserts are completely EVA padded, perfect to protect your precious board.

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