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LB Cruiser SF 10’0

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En longboard som är tillverkad i custom epoxy. Longboard som är klassiskt och otroligt enkelt att komma upp på surf i mindre vågor.

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One of the easiest boards to ride, a real cruiser when paddling out, catching waves and while surfing. Precise volume placement means that this board is perfect for the heaviest of riders, as well as those wanting to get the most out of small or soft waves. Surprisingly maneuverable for its length, the Cruiser is a true longboard that will also work great if you end up riding some famous tidal bores.
Designed by top class shapers, they’re made with a new light weight Epoxy/fibreglass laminated polystyrene core. This technique differs from the more traditional polyester/fibreglass around a polyurethane core by being lighter and having vastly superior mechanical qualities, delivering a much better feel on the water.

10’0″ 3.38″ 92 L Custom EPOXY

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