Oxbow 8'4 Magnum

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Oxbow Magnum är den bästa brädan i mindre vågor och för den som ska testa på att börja surfa. Vill du lära dig komma igång innan alla andra på små till mellanstora vågor så är detta en perfekt modell för dig.

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RETRO | Surf Performance & Style

Designed as a performance board for bigger surfers, the Magnum’s exceptional volume makes it easy to paddle and catch waves no matter your size or ability.

Offering riders a fast learning curve, its mid-range length keeps it loose and fun in a wide range of surf conditions. The Magnum will help novice surfers gain confidence and progress quickly by catching heaps of waves. Intermediate and advanced riders will easily learn to carve the Magnum through faster sections of any break.

If you’re looking for one board that allows the widest range of rider sizes to learn how to surf, this is your board!

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Magnum 8'4 comes with:

• Exclusive DURA-TEC Oxbow construction for extreme durability.

• Excellent value for money and worry-free reliability.

• Proven shapes by Gérard Dabbadie and Peter Pan for riders of all sizes.

• Closed cell PU inner core for structural integrity and board stiffness.

• Built-in nose guard to enhance product lifetime.

• Standard FCS fins come standard with every board.

• 100% Made in France = consistency and quality construction.

• Sustainable manufacturing facility and healthy working conditions.



Length/längd: 254 cm

Width/bredd: 59 cm

Thickness/höjd: 8,2 cm

Weight/vikt: 7,8 kg

Volume/volym: 72L

Fin Set-up: US Center Box + Sides

Fin Supplied/fenor som ingår: FCS 8" + FCS GL

Shaper: G Dabbadie

Viktrekommendation: upp t.o.m. 100 kg



Our DURA-TEC board range gives beginner and intermediate surfers the advantage of a tough, easy board at a budget price.

When you learn to surf, there are three key elements that help you enjoy the experience of those first waves:

- A shape well-adapted to beginners and easy progression

- A strong, hard-wearing board that won't be easily damaged

- A quality board at a reasonable price


Technology DURA-TEC (Aerated Cellular Structure)

Construction Technique: DURA-TEC surfboards are created using a moulded polyethylene shell filled with polyurethane foam which is found in a regular fibreglass surfboard. This means that your new surfboard will survive dings and damage that would see a fibreglass board out of the water requiring repairs.


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