BIC SURF 6'4" Multi Fin Swiss Knife

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The Swiss Knife name says it all! Den passar dom flesta surfare och förhållanden. Troligen en av dom bästa storlekarna för svenska vågor. Brädan är otroligt lättpaddlad och surfar med max control från kant till kant. Det går att surfa med den med flera olika fen-set ups. Woodcore twins + Woodcore GL twins (5)

Tillverkad i äkta Paulownia trä (många andra "trä" brädor har fejkdekor)


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Swiss knife

The Swiss Knife name says it all: it fits the majority of rider sizes and flies down the line in almost any wave conditions.
Our shaper Gerard Dabbadie has designed this board for easy paddling and glide with maximum control while on rail. It can be ridden in any fin set up: as a thruster or as a quad.

About the shape : single concave to vee under the back foot to maximize control at the bottom turn.


We have carefully selected materials which are bio-sourced and also have the necessary technical properties to ensure solid construction and performance.
Flax fiber, Paulownia wood and Cork wood have been tested and proven in other industries and they now play a key role in the sourcing and production of EARTH boards. Looking towards the future, potential areas of ongoing development include the sourcing of materials for the foam core, the resins used in EARTH boards, and the packaging.

Key Features

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
193 cm 54 cm 6.8 cm 43 L 4.8 kg
6'4 21"1/4 2"5/8 43 L

10.6 LBS

Premium vintage shape by Gérard Dabbadie
More natural materials: Paulownia wood & Flax fiber
Woodcore fins included
Varnish-free matte finish
Designed in France

addling out to the peak at dawn, walking through the woods in search of a new break, having a chat about the session around the campfire at sunset… EARTH Surf is much more than just surfing. It is a way of life, in close interaction with nature, where exploration and adventure prevail on performance under the spotlight. It is taking you back to the essence of free surfing, be as one with the environment and take this whole journey as an escape from the outside world, fun and relaxing, Deep into Nature.

At EARTH Surf, our mantra Deep into Nature translates in the way we behave and in the way we built every board in our range. Our board is the only tool we use to engage and interact with our surroundings. We feel the same principles that guide us in our daily lives should be applied to the equipment we build and use.
Our new EARTH Surf range uses techniques and materials that respect the environment in which they are used:
Flax fiber.
Paulownia wood.
Matt Varnish-Free finish.
Woodcore fins.

Results are surprisingly light, beautiful and robust boards with a natural matt wooden finish. In short, an EARTH Surf board will be your loyal travel companion for all your surfing adventures.