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2 Pack - BIC 11'0 SUP AIR BREEZE

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Uppblåsbar kvalitets-SUP från BIC. Ny modell för i år!
Denna modell passar bäst för plattvatten och mindre surf.

Det ingår bräda, 3-delad paddel, leash, dubbelverkande pump och transportbag.

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Paket innehåller följande:

2 st 11´0 BIC Breeze

2 st delbar paddlar

2 st leashar

2 st dubbelverkande pumpar

2 st SUP-väska

The 11’0 BREEZE is an inflatable SUP package that is great value and ideal for use by the whole family. The 11’0 BREEZE is designed more for SUP specific use, as a longer length (11’0), combined together with a 6” thickness.

It makes it ideal for progressing into all-round/touring or fitness SUP, given that the board has great glide and stiffness. SUP paddling is a breeze at the beach, on calm rivers or lakes or any body of water suitable for learning to SUP.

The 11’ BREEZE is made with high quality dropstitch material.


- 11’0 length x 6”thickness: ideal for progressing into touring or fitness SUP, given that the board has great glide and stiffness.

- 3/4 deck pad for good comfort, whatever the use of the product: SUP, Kayak or kids’ platform; and a lighter weight vs. a full deck pad.

- Front deck elastic: secures accessories on the water (buoyancy aids, flip flops, dry bag).

- Sold as a complete pack: inflatable board, 3-part travel paddle, leash, backpack transport bag, double stroke pump, repair kit & fins (excluding personal flotation & protection).

- Inflatable construction: board is very easy to transport and store.

- Versatile shapes for all-round use or touring.


Length               335 cm

Width                 75 cm

Weight              10.4 kg

Volume             315 liter

Maximum Pressure : 15 PSI


Points to be respected to maximize the lifespan of your BIC SUP Air boards:

- Do not exceed the maximum recommended inflation pressure.

- Deflate the board by at least 5 PSI when not in use but exposed to full sun/hot temperatures.

- Re-inflate and check the pressure before returning to the water.

- Check the tightness of the valve regularly, using the tool supplied with the board, and re-tighten when necessary.

- Don’t carry the board on top of your car/vehicle when inflated.

- Rinse your board down regularly with tap water, and especially when putting it away for winter etc., paying particular attention to the valve.

- Avoid rolling your board too tightly when putting it away in its bag after use.

- During winter, keep your board very slightly inflated, store it flat, out of direct sunlight and in temperatures not lower than 0°C.

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