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BIC SUP AIR är det perfekta alternativet för dig som behöver ett kompakt och lättpaddlad bräda. Ny konstruktion "drop stitched" och med ny stringer längs med botten  gör den betydligt lättare samt stabilare än tex"vanliga" uppblåsbara SUP. Tack vare stringer behöver man inte pumpa den lika hårt för att få bra styvhet och stabilitet.

Inklusive pump och praktisk väska.

Uppgradera med paddel och leash.

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Ett komplett paket består av:

- Oversize backpack
- Heavy Duty 2-way pump with integrated pressure gauge
- Repair Kit
- 1 paddle
- Leash

- 1 Touring 9" Fin

The 11’ is designed to efficiently cut through the water for maximum glide. This makes them ideal for longer distance trips as well as recreational racing. Touring models feature nose and tail carry handles, deck bungee storage area, premium diamond groove deck pads and a universally compatible fin box with removable touring fin.

- Versatile shapes for all-round use or touring.
- Performer with 4”3/4 thickness for thinner rails and better surfing, improved stability due to lower center of gravity.
- Wing with 6” thickness for better stiffness.
- Ultra-light construction = easy to carry.
- Bottom stringer improves stiffness vs. traditional inflatables.
- Deck bungee cord for storing gear.
- Carry handles at nose, tail and center.
- Performer : Embossed EVA deck pad is plush and comfortable while offering excellent traction.
- Wing : Diamond grip EVA pad for added traction and comfort.
- Includes oversize backpack, heavy duty 2-way pump with pressure gauge and repair kit.



Ultra-Light, Impressively Rigid, Highly Durable – We’ve revolutionized our SUP AIR construction to optimize rigidity, reduce weight and maintain shape control (via the rocker profile) and durability. An ultra high-density Dyneema® Stringer belt wraps the board tip to tail for added rigidity. Double layer rails maximize durability where needed most and helps to maintain shape. A single layer of drop-stitch material keeps the board extremely lightweight.


Points to be respected to maximize the lifespan of your BIC SUP Air boards :
• Do not exceed the maximum recommended inflation pressure.
• Deflate the board by at least 5 PSI when not in use but exposed to full sun/hot temperatures.
• Re-inflate and check the pressure before returning to the water.
• Check the tightness of the valve regularly, using the tool supplied with the board, and re-tighten when necessary.
• Don’t carry the board on top of your car/vehicle when inflated.
• Rinse your board down regularly with tap water, and especially when putting it away for winter etc., paying particular attention to the valve.
• Avoid rolling your board too tightly when putting it away in its bag after use.
• During winter, keep your board very slightly inflated, store it flat, out of direct sunlight and in temperatures not lower than 0°C


Length: 11'0’’ / 335 cm
Width: 32’’ / 81 cm
Thick: 6.0’’ / 15,2 cm
Weight: 10,4 kg
Volume: 305 Liter
Fins: Touring 9'' US Box

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