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OXBOW Play.Paddla med stil!! Äkta Bambu-CARBON konstruktion. 

En ny undervattensform i främre delen gör den lättpaddlad och håller kursen bättre.

Surf-inspirerad Longboard design för stabil plattvatten-paddling, Yoga och för vågsurfing i småvågor. Låg vikt, brett användningsområde och lättpaddlad för dig som vill gå vidare och utveckla dina SUP-färdigheter.

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Play- Stable, Versatile Flat-Water Fun, Yoga

An ultra-stable platform equally suited for first-timers, family fun, fitness, yoga, fishing or whatever your next SUP adventure may be. The unique ‘hybrid’ design of the Cross features a keeled nose for excellent tracking, full rail-to-rail volume for enhanced stability and maximum use of the entire deck, and a full waterline to increase speed and efficiency. Numerous attachment points for securing accessories and deck rigging come standard on all PLAY models.

Perfect for beginners, or a family group, the Play 10’ Bamboo was designed to be stable and easy, delivering great performance on flat water whatever your level or style. The stability comes from its evenly spread volume and generous dimensions. Its stretched-out shape gives it impressive forward speed and glide. Its narrow, profiled bow is a major help in cutting through chop. The flat deck and numerous attachment points enable it to adapt to varied activities, such as yoga, fishing, etc…
The Play 10’6 is manufactured in bamboo sandwich construction, the highly original deck finish looks magnificent, and it has great rigidity. A fantastically stable ride for any paddler weighing up to 100kg.


320 cm 86 cm 12.3 kg 230 L C-TEC Bamboo
Custom Technology for Minimum Weight with Maximum Performance
Custom Technology for Minimum Weight with Maximum Performance

Our C-TEC “Custom”-Technology was developed to create the ultimate light weight, high-performance boards while maintaining good impact resistance. The success of this construction is due to the combination of Carbon-Innegra weave fabric* throughout the entire board together with a light weight low density foam core. A brushed white finish provides added durability, protection from overheating in the sun and reduced weight.
*Carbon-Innegra fabric blends the lightweight and stiffness of carbon with the durability and waterproof impact resistance of Innegra.

Key Features :
Lightweight EPS foam cores for minimum weight.
Racer : Uni-Direction Carbon for minimum weight, maximum stiffness and performance.
Glide & Peak : Carbon-Innegra sandwich for minimum weight, competitive stiffness and improved durability.
Localized reinforcement for key impact areas, improving durability in specific areas while minimizing weight overall.
Brushed matt finish for improved glide, protection from the sun.

1 - Deck Pad
2 - 100g/m2 woven fiberglass
3 - Bamboo
4 - 200g/m2 woven fiberglass
5 - 200g/m2 woven carbon reinforcement patch in standing area
6 - 16 kg/m3 Molded, Watertight EPS Foam Core
7 - 100g/m2 woven fiberglass
8 - 200g/m2 woven carbon Innegra
9 - 100g/m2 woven fiberglass

— Length : 10’6″ | 320cm — Width : 34″ | 86cm
— Thick : 5.1″ | 13cm — Weight : 27lbs | 12.5kg
— Volume : 230L
— Fin center : QUICK Touring 9″
— Fin side : 
— Fin box : single fin
— W 1ft/30cm nose : 22.2″ | 56cm
— W 1ft/30cm tail : 22.2″ | 56cm
— Rider weight for good stability : 220lbs | 100kg
— Technology C-TEC Bamboo




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