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DEMO fint skick 8/10

BICs nya Wave Pro-serie är designad för att passa senaste SUP-vågtrenden med mycket bra svängbarhet och fart. Brädan är byggd enligt senaste teknologi för lägsta vikt och bästa prestanda.

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SUP Surfing is all about Versatility - You want a board that makes mushy thigh high waves fun but will still perform when it pumps. You want a board that's stable enough to make paddling enjoyable, but not so stable that you lose the performance you were after in the first place. We get it. The new Wave Pro range was borne from years of testing and refining the ideal blend of outline, rocker profile, volume distribution, bottom contour, fin locations and rail profile to arrive at the ultimate all-conditions design. Once we hit on the right blend we then tailored it to each of the six models so riders of all sizes and skill levels could benefit. Sure, no one board is perfect for everyone, but we're confident you'll find your perfect board right here, somewhere between 7'4 and 9'4.

Length Width Thickness One Feet Off nose width One Feet Off tail width Volume Weight Weight range
269 cm 76 cm 10.4 cm 42.7 cm 43.4 cm 120 L 8.8 kg 75 kg

1 - Deck Pad
2 - 100g/m2 woven fiberglass
3 - 200g/m2 woven carbon Innegra
4 - 200g/m2 woven fiberglass
5 - 200g/m2 woven carbon reinforcement patch in standing area
6 - 16 kg/m3 Molded, Watertight EPS Foam Core
7 - 100g/m2 woven fiberglass
8 - 200g/m2 woven carbon Innegra
9 - 100g/m2 woven fiberglass

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