BIC RIG ONE DESIGN T293 (komplett rig)

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BIC One Design Rig.

Du kan lätt trimma om det för tidig planing eller för att kunna hålla det i extremt hårda vindar. Designen är framtagen fär att passa till BIC OD 293 klassen men fungerar utmärkt till vanliga funboards och centerbordsbrädor

Komplett paket: ingår segel-mast-bom-förlängare

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Powerful acceleration, light in the hands, and a huge wind range!

In order to support the growth and development of the Techno 293 OD and Hybrid classes, BIC Windsurf developed the One Design Rig package for use specifically by youth sailors on hybrid boards. This rig package has been designed to be raced in the widest wind range possible, representing the best possible compromise between light wind pumping performance and high wind planing performance. The key features of these rigs include:

  • A huge wind range: from 6 to 30 knots. By tuning the downhaul and outhaul, the sail can be rigged either very full with a tight leech, or very flat with an open leech.
  • A draft placement at approx. 40% from the front of the sail (freeride sails = 30% / sub-planing sails = 50%), offering the best compromise between lightwind performance and high wind control.
  • 6 batten / 2 cam configuration for the best compromise between weight and performance.
  • A very stable profile for ease of use and control in the high winds.
  • A tack strap tensioner for maximum tuning range and power in light winds.
  • X-Ply reinforcements in critical areas, durable luff pocket material and webbing batten tensioners for ease of use and practicality in a club and racing environment. Though you may not win every race in all wind conditions, the goal of the One Design sails is to make sure that you have the tools to win the regatta!

Delivered in a very practical sail bag that includes additional pockets for storing the mast and the mast base, and the possiblity to attach the boom so that it can be carried «all in one».

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