DUOTONE Mast Platinum SDM 100% T800 Carbon

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PLATINUM SDM mast för world cup proffsen och för dig som inte nöjer dig med annat än det bästa

Nu är man övertygade att man har världens bästa kvalité så att man erbjuder numera 2 års garanti på 100% Carbon masterna. Nu tillverkas masten med AEROSPACE.PREPREG.TECHNOLOGY den mest avancerade tillverkningsättet idag.

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The PLATINUM series was developed for World Cup pros and anyone else who expects the very best. The series has been continuously fine-tuned ever since. The highly customised, extremely dynamic PLATINUM RDM, which is produced to AERO 1.0 design specifications, has over 30% less weight but has lost nothing in terms of durability compared to previous models. Even under the harshest conditions, wave world champion Victor Fernandez uses only these masts. All SDM variants, particularly the higher-length models, are designed for competitive races and are also protected against scratches by the abrasion-resistant POLY.SHIELD surface. Both RDMs and SDMs are manufactured using AEROSPACE PREPREG TECHNOLOGY – the most precise and high-quality process known. For this reason, we are the first manufacturer to offer an unlimited two-year warranty* for 100% carbon masts.

All SDM lengths, particularly the large ones however feature race-oriented constructions. Of course both RDM and SDM are manufactured using the AEROSPACE.PREPREG.TECHNOLOGY, the most precise and sophisticated technology currently available. That is why as the first brand we offer an unconditional 2-year warranty on a 100% carbon mast!*

  • The lightest RDM mast in its class
  • Carbon: 100%
  • Carbon-quality: T800
  • Resin-quality: SENTEX TM
  • Outside protection: NATURAL-WHITE.POLYAMIDE (SDM)
  • Special: SDM: ALUTEX.SHIELD (base only) | RDM: D4.SHIELD (base only)
  • Comes with padded mast bag
Model SDM 400 SDM 430 SDM 460 SDM 490
IMCS 19 21 25 28
Weight (kg) 1,45 1,5 1,7 1,9
Carbon (%) 100 100 100 100
Carbon Quality T800 T800 T800 T800

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