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NSW Mast RDM 50% Carbon Black

1 999,50 kr 3 999,00 kr Spara -50%

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North Sails högkvalitetsmast RDM med 50% Carbon.

Perfekt mast för wave-freestyle och freeride.

Tillverkat med AEROSPACE.PREPREG.TECHNOLOGY för att få lägsta vikt.

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For all sail brands that could previously not been matched with a NorthSails mast due to an inappropriate bend-curve, we have now developed the BLACK.SERIES which also comes at a very attractive price tag.


We are so convinced about the carbon qualities, the technology and the processing that we offer a two year unlimited warranty from now on all our masts (except PLATINUM AERO!)


THE essential quality criterion of carbon fibers when used for Windsurf masts is the bending-elongation of the fiber.

The elongation measures the traction during bending until the fiber finally breaks. For a Windsurf mast this means:  The higher the bending-elongation value of the carbon fiber raw material:

→ The faster the reflex speed (which ultimately increases the performance of your sail, similar to increased horse power in a car)
→ The higher the breakage strength

Carbon fibers are available with bending-elongation values between T300 and up to max T1000 with the T1000 carbon being 10-times as expensive as cheap T300 carbon. The lowest quality carbon fibers used on Windsurf masts have an elongation value of T300-400. This carbon has a bending-elongation that is just slightly higher than glass fiber. Therefore it’s used on cheap “low-percentage carbon masts” only. 80% of all brands nowadays use T400-500 for their top-level carbon masts.

NorthSails uses T600 carbon for all Red and SILVER masts, T700 for
all GOLD and PLATINUM masts and T800 for the PLATINUM Aero masts. Another advantage of the high quality carbon fibers is that you can reduce the resin content. For example the T800 fiber used for the PLATINUM Aero mast allows us to reduce the resin content by 30%. This results in an unmatched low weight without the usual loss of durability.

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