DUOTONE Mast Silver 70% Carbon RDM T700

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Söker du toppkvalitet och bästa pris/prestanda/kvalitet så är nya DUOTONE Silvermasten det bästa alternativet.

Nu med 70% Carbon T700 kvalitet och den revolutionernade SENTEX teknologin.

Vad innebär det för dig? Lättare och starkare helt enkelt.

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Silver.70 Series Details

DUOTONE top seller now comes with 70% carbon content. This saves weight and supports the well-known durability.


The key quality factor for carbon is the bending-elongation of the fibres. This factor measures the pulling force applied when bending until the carbon fibre eventually ruptures. Carbon fibres are available with elongation values of T300 up to a maximum of T1000, the best carbon, which is ten times more expensive than T300 carbon. The simplest carbon qualities for windsurfing masts are between T300 and T400, whose bending-elongation is only slightly higher than regular fibreglass. For this reason, they are only used for cheap masts with a low carbon content.

For wind-surfing masts, this means the following:

The higher the bending-elongation of the carbon raw material:

›   the higher the reflex or reflex speed (which dramatically improves sailing performance, just like a sport chassis in a car)

›   the lower the risk of breakage

70% of all manufacturers now use T400–500 for their most expensive carbon masts. However, DUOTONE already uses T700 carbon for SILVER masts, all GOLD and PLATINUM masts use T800, while the PLATINUM AERO 2.0 uses the finest T900 carbon. High-quality carbon also has the advantage of reducing the resin content. For example, in the T900 used in the PLATINUM AERO 2.0, the amount of resin used is reduced by 30%, making all masts lighter accordingly without compromising on durability.

All SILVER.70 shine with a remarkably strong overall performance and low weight, which is achieved through the use

of high-quality carbon and using the sophisticated AEROSPACE.PREPREG.TECHNOLOGY process.

The RDM versions are technologically advanced needle masts with all the dynamic advantages of thin geometry (RDM adapter not included).

On the SDM lengths the white POLY.SHIELD coating of the base avoids scratching and abrasion as well as thermal overload.

A slightly wider winding in the boom area avoids slipping! To ensure a two-year unlimited warranty please make sure

to register your mast, otherwise only the statutory claims count.

Model RDM 370 RDM 400 RDM 430
IMCS 17 19 21
Weight (kg) 1,7 1,8 2
Carbon (%) 70 70 70
Carbon Quality T700 T700 T700
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Carbon %
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