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Komfort och prestanda är ledorden för detta grymma segel. S_Pace har genomgått flera mycket positiva förbättringar sista åren. Nu kan man köra detta segel med ytterligare fler trimm för att fungera bra för både freerace och foil tack vare olika nedhal och uthalsinställningar.

En klar favorit bland personalen på SURF.SE när man kör i lättare vindar.


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 The highly sporty, competitive slalom sail with unbelievable forward pull - the S_PACE craves for speed and yet is easy to handle. It carries the racing genes of the WARP for unrestricted power delivery, but at the same time the handling is extraordinarily simple for this class.

The based is the revolutionary 3 IN 1 DESIGN that Kai has developed over a period of 3 years, which allows an unprecedented trim range. Together with the three brand-new HYPER CAM 2.0, a tremendously wide range of use is the result: Adjusting the S_PACE trim for low- or high end conditions fundamentally changes the sail, which makes it possible to achieve maximum performance across all wind conditions!

The new S_PACE featuring the 3 IN 1 DESIGN is the perfect symbiosis of our most successful race slalom and freeride sails: whether V-Max, maximum acceleration or used as a sporty foil engine, the S_PACE is the most versatile cam sail on the market.

With this sail designer Kai Hopf combines the top performance of the WARP with a very balanced sailing behavior and a much wider range of use. This is achieved through a greatly reduced and almost straight luff curve in the upper area. This causes changes in the luffing tension to have a very large effect on the leech. Low downhaul tension results in a very tight leech, high tension leads to a very pronounced loose leech. The two extremely far apart positioned MIN and MAX trim points are proof of testament that the 3 IN 1 DESIGN covers an incredibly wide wind range.

On top the S_PACE shows a completely different high- or low end performance and sail character depending on the trim. On MIN setting with tight leech, it’s supper effective to pump, accelerates very efficiently and feels incredibly light - ideal also for foiling. On MAX trim, however, the S_PACE feels very similar to the WARP, constantly getting faster without limits.

Three new, length-adjustable HYPER CAMS 2.0 ensure unique draft- and profile stability yet smooth rotation. Particularly noticeable is the highly tapered luff sleeve in the AERO SLEEVE DESIGN 2.0. Its width in the aerodynamically important boom area enables the optimal transition from the “thick” mast leading edge to the “thin” sail body.

However, at the top of the sail the luff sleeve has remained relatively narrow to enable fast water starts. This is supported by the LUFF LIFT DESIGN of the WARP 20.20, which provides additional lift. Simply awesome: When used for foiling the S_PACE features a special clew eyelet to be able to position the sail even more upright!

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