Gaastra VAPOR AIR 2019

11 599,00 kr

(inkl. moms)


Gaastra´s helt nya foilsegel är äntligen släppt. Gaastra låg i topp på PWA foil och nu har man tagit steget fullt ut med detta high aspect segel. Vill du maxa din foilprestanda så är detta seglet det vassaste man någonsin tagit fram.


Pure racing performance above the surface. The brand-new Vapor Air offers everything you need to be the first one flying across the finish line.

460-430 490 520 550
IMCS 25-21 29 32 37
Luff 470 501 545 575
Boom 204 215 220 232
Batten 8 8 8 8
Cams 4 4 4 4
Ideal Mast Gaastra 100 SDM Gaastra 100 SDM Gaastra 100 SDM Gaastra 100 SDM


If you are looking for the right sail to beat your friends during a foil race or the professional fleet on the course, the Vapor Air is the right choice and ready to impress you with its elaborate performance.

We have worked on the Vapor Air for several years and thanks to the close cooperation of head of sail design Peter Munzlinger and our successful foil racing team this sail is at the starting line to dominate the racing courses around the world.

With more high aspect and a tighter leech than a slalom sail, the Vapor Air is a completely new concept of racing sail. Eight battens and four cambers provide the sail with a balanced profile that offers great performance both on upwind and downwind tacks.

The Vapor Air has been developed with our very successful foil racing team around vice world champion Sebastian Kördel and this team will utilize this brand-new high-performance foil racing sail to be on top of the PWA World Tour rankings in 2019. But not only our international team will admire the Vapor Air’s impressive performance, every foil windsurfer, who is looking for a sail that offers the best in performance and handling should hold the Vapor Air in his hands.