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Det senaste S.Type har fått mindre loose leach för att få en tydligare racig profil som ger bättre driv genom vindbyar och vindhål samt bättre höjdtagning. Otrolig acceleration och lättgippat. Söker du hanterbarhet med Raceprestanda välj detta seglet.

Komfort och prestanda är ledorden för detta grymma segel.

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"Offering masses of tuneable range, the S-Type has changed markedly for the new season, becoming more obvious in its power delivery, it is incredibly versatile in character when tuned for different conditions".

Comfort combined with the most successful race slalom sails in our history.

International press outlets have repeatedly rated the S_TYPE as the best of its class. As a highly competitive slalom sail designed for everyday sailors, it has an unquenchable thirst for speed, but is nonetheless easy to handle. One of the reasons for this is that the S_TYPE SL has inherited the racing DNA of the WARP to guarantee maximum performance potential.

At the same time, the S_TYPE SL’s handling is extraordinarily simple for its class. This is made possible by the revolutionary NO COMPROMISE DESIGN, which was adapted from the WARP 20.19. A reduced profile, loose leech and luff curve all improve performance in the lower end of the wind range and thus boost acceleration. 

The S_TYPE SL in the NO COMPROMISE DESIGN is the perfect synthesis from the most successful race slalom sails in our company’s history. Whether you’re racing along at maximum speed or casually cruising and gybing, the S_TYPE SL boasts extreme versatility. Kai Hopf combines the balanced handling and comfort of the S_TYPE SL with the top-end performance of a WARP. The result is an outstanding level of power on all courses and superior control to boot.

Particularly noticeable is the highly tapered luff sleeve in the AERO SLEEVE DESIGN 2.0. Its width in the aerodynamically important boom area enables the optimal transition from the “thick” mast leading edge to the “thin” sail profile.

However, at the top of the sail the luff sleeve has remained relatively narrow to enable fast on-water starts. This is supported by the LUFF LIFT DESIGN of the WARP 20.19, which provides additional lift.

The S_TYPE SL is incredibly useful as a high-performance sail for various board types because it can be sailed with either two or three cambers (removable camber in the foot area).

> 01   NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN: Guarantees an ideal mix of maximum power and forward pull without loosing stability/wind-range or becoming super physical

> 02   LUFF.LIFT.PANEL: super early planing and acceleration through increased profile in the upper luff

> 03   PROGRESSIVE.BATTEN.CONFIGURATION: batten amount depending on sail size and thus perfectly matching the range of use

> 04   iBUMPER: the most advanced and effective molded mast protector

> 05   HYPER.CAM: Again and again confirmed through magazine tests worldwide: The best rotating camber on the market

> 06   SWITCH.CAM.OPTION 3/2: 3 cams for max. performance - 2 cams for improved handling

> 07   MINIMUM.MAST.CONCEPT: one mast (460-25) fits most sizes

> 08   AERO.SLEEVE.DESIGN 2.0: maximum performance combined with effortless waterstarting

> 09   2 Year Warranty. Get an additional 3 year Warranty.

SIZES 6.0 6.6 7.3 7.8 8.3 8.8 9.3
BOOM MAX (CM) 197 210 215 227 230 235 242
LUFF MAX (CM) 433 444 464 474 495 509 519
VARIO TOP * * -- -- -- -- --
BATTENS 6 6 7 7 7 7 7
CAMBER 3//2 3//2 3//2 3//2 3//2 3//2 3//2
WEIGHT (KG) 4.80 5.00 5.20 5.40 5.60 5.80 6.00
MAST LENGTH (BEST/ALT.) 430/460 430/460 460 460 490/460 490 490
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