ION K_Sleeve Neoprene Knee Protection Black

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Knä- och skenbensskydd i neopren. Perfekt för katamaran-, skiff eller annan typ av segling där du behöver skydda dina knän.

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Super lightweight using ION’s well proved Flex_Protection. So light and stretchy, you can ride them all day long. The very small pack size of the pads makes it easy to store in any tiny backpack as well.


FLEX_PROTECTION: HD_memory foam is a solid and flat material with very good shock absorbing properties. To make it suitable for the use in a bike crash pant, our engineers came up with a tricky stamping pattern, which enables flexibility and breathability and meanwhile keeping an almost solid surface.
IONIC_FIT: The human body is neither cylindrical nor symmetrical! To achieve a tight and comfy fit you have to forget about flat 2D patterns. We use our expertise of tailoring body-fitting wetsuits to shape anatomic fitting pads in the natural body position of riding instead of static posing.


POWER_ARAMID: Power Aramid is a synthetic fibre originally developed by DuPont. It's nowadays widely spread and can be found from bullet proof helmets via tires to bow strings. It stands out by its tearing resistance and tensile strength. When woven, it creates the best cut- and abrasion resistant fabric non-NASA companies can afford.
HD_MEMORY FOAM: Closed cell foam with extremely high shock absorbing characteristics, including multi impacts.
LIGHTWEIGHT_EVA: Closed cell foam - light and flexible where you need it.


Sanitized® is a certified antibacterial fabric treatment to prevent bad odor from bacteria, mildew etc. in moist or sweaty environments. It uses the active biocidal substance zinc pyrithione to shut down bacterial cell growth, but it is strictly not based on nano-technology to prevent potential harmful consequences. 

Sanitized® is perfectly safe to your health and environment and fully complies with the strict and independent testing standards of bluesign®, Allergy UK and Oeko-Tex 100/Class I (safe for babies).



Size   Circumference 10cm above knee cap  Circumference calf / 15cm under kneecap
S/M      39      25
     44      38
XL      49      41

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