Bicycle Trolley

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Perfekt cykelkärra för tex windsurf och SUP /Surf.

Komplettera med cykelkoppling.

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Are you looking for a bike trailer to easily transport your windsurfing gear on your bike or scooter? Then the Prolimit Surf Trailer is ideal for you!

This handy Prolimit trailer makes sure you don't have to depend on a car to transport your surf gear. Put your windsurfboard on the trailer with the right mast, sails, etc. and attach it all to the trailer with a strap. The bike trailer can easily be attached to your bike/scooter and is made of a sturdy material.


Features of the Prolimit Surf Fietskar:

2 Wheels

Linkable to bicycle / scooter (excluding coupling piece)

Sturdy and Simple

Length: 300 cm

Width: max 74 cm

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