Unifiber Modular Universal självhäftande nosskydd

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Självhäftande nosskydd för din bräda. Med 3M dubbelhäftande tejp fäster du den lätt på några minuter.

Passar alla storlekar på brädor, samt kan enkelt justeras för att passa olika former på brädan.

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We have re-invented our popular Nose Protector. It has been designed with the new style windfoil boards in mind.

The special 'dragon scale' modular design allows adjusting the shape and size of the Nose Protector to fit any windsurf board, from the wide and square foil boards, to narrow speed needles.

The hard layer on top disperses the impacts and a softer bottom layer absorbs them. The thickness is increased to protect against even the most gnarly catapult wipe-outs. The 3M® self-adhesive layer ensures a reliable connection with the board.

'Dragon Scale' design allows it to fit any windsurf board

Increased thickness and double density EVA for maximum protection

Packed in a compact box for easy shipping

Light weight

3M® adhesive bonding - protector can be applied instantly - no glue required

3M® is so strong that it's difficult to entirely eliminate the adhesive after removal of protector from board

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