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DUOTONE Uni.XT SDM 42cm mastförlängare

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High-strength and super solid extension with real innovations that make the UNI.XT an unparalleled product.

All UNI.XT are shipped with an extremely durable original Marlow® rope!
2 years unlimited warranty

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The most advanced standard extension to-date  

Kraft för att spänna nedhalet i ditt windsurfingsegel

1. Wave 5.0 with 400 RDM mast 2. Freeride 6.6 with 430 SDM mast 3. Race  8.6 with 490 SDM mast
Loop-loop-go (= 4:1 ratio): 60kg Loop-loop-go (= 4:1 ratio): 108kg Loop-loop-go (= 4:1 ratio): 155kg
Thread-through (= 6:1 ratio): 57kg Thread-through (= 6:1 ratio): 93kg Thread-through (= 6:1 ratio): 135kg 


1.                         With a 6:1 ratio you have to thread the rope through all 3 rollers at the sail plus the 2 rollers at the base. With a 4:1 ratio you just loop the rope through the outer rollers at the sail and over the open roller at the base (much more comfortable and time-saving)

2.                         With the 6:1 ratio you need a twice as long rope as with the 4:1 ratio. Therefore with a 4:1 ratio you can downhaul the sail in one go whereas with a 6:1 ratio you need to retighten the rope

3.                         In theory the 6:1 ratio the downhaul forces compared to the 4:1 ratio should be reduced by 50%. But due to the friction-loss of the rollers the force reduction is max. 15%

4.                         Roller-bearing rollers at the base lead to a force-reduction of “just” 8% (a noticeable difference could only be achieved by also exchanging the rollers of the sail tack roller)

Your heart rate goes up, you want to get out there as fast as possible. Unroll the sail, thread the mast into the sleeve, and slide in the extension trying to lose no time at all. Now we will see whether the extension and sail are perfectly matching, how easy it is to pull on the downhaul and if the trimming is comfortable and energy-saving or just annoying and time consuming. Especially with standard extensions everyone has probably encountered nasty surprises at some point. Endless fiddling to find a frictionless rope thread, incorrect roller alignment being incompatible with the orientation of the roller block at the sail, power-consuming trimming due to a small surface for supporting the foot.

All of these problems are a thing of the past with the UNI.XT! At first glance this high-strength and super solid extension might seem to occur like many other extensions, but it’s stuffed with real innovations that make the UNI.XT an unparalleled product. The biggest sensation is an optional tuning kit that upgrades the UNI.XT into the revolutionary SHOX suspension system!

All UNI.XT are shipped with an extremely durable original Marlow® rope!

And: we are so confident about the entire UNI.XT program and its technology that we grant 2 years unlimited warranty*! 

To secure the extended warranty claims please register within 30 days.

Otherwise just the legal warranty period can be granted! 


Compatible with all sail brands 

Is there anything more annoying than unpack the sail and then to realize that the sails tack rollers orientation does not fit together with the extension? When threading the rope takes forever? The UNI.XT solves this once for all through a technically ambitious and entirely new arrangement of rollers. The rollers sit in the newly developed cup so that they are protected from damage while preventing injuries. This arrangement ensures an absolutely frictionless alignment of the downhaul rope in combination with 0° tack rollers (e.g., North Sails, NeilPryde, Gaastra, ...) as well as with 90° rotated roller units (e.g., Gun Sails, Naish, Severne). This saves power by reducing the friction and protects the rope. At the same time this arrangement for the first time allows the loop-loop-go function with absolutely all sail brands! Means no annoying and time-consuming threading through the rollers - simply loop the rope-loop over the two outer tack rollers and you can immediately start downhauling. 


30% power saving due to DOUBLE.FOOT.TRIM  

In terms of rigging comfort the UNI.XT offers much more than existing standard extensions. In order to ensure the most effective tensioning of the downhaul we have designed the cup under ergonomic points of view incorporating the DOUBLE.FOOT.TRIM. Through the intelligent positioning of the cleat, for the first time it is now possible to prop with both feet against the cup, and thus cope far greater forces avoiding lower back strain. Now you can use the same technique for the downhauling as in rowing, where you naturally also use both feet to mobilize maximum power through pushing with the feet rather than pulling through your back. That increases the power efficiency by approx. 30% compared to the usual one foot operation! 


Faster de-rigging thanks to RAPID.RELEASE 

Due to the modified position of the standard cleat, just place one foot on the extension and pull the rope with a short jerk out of the standard cleat - done. 


SHOX.UPGRADE.KIT for pioneering damping technology 

All UNI.XT extensions can be upgraded with the unique NorthSails SHOX suspension system. SHOX is the first integrated shock absorber, which adds a chassis to the board similar to a full-suspension on a mountain bike. Especially in choppy conditions it smooths out the board and the rig, absorbing chop and the impact after landing. Tests in all leading Windsurf-magazines have proven that the rig doesn't bump, the rider can convert the wind power much more effective into acceleration making you a proven 2-3 knots faster, and also preserves the equipment and your joints. Whether speed, racing or freeride, the new UNI.XT in combination with the SHOX.UPGRADE.KIT definitely guarantees more control, more speed and more comfort.

In the wave the SHOX suspension system provides cushioned landings and increased board control when going down-the-line as well as when crossing the white water. The upgrade is easily done in a few simple steps. The new, very stiff cup ensures that the suspension tube runs with absolutely no friction, the damping elements respond more sensitively and thereby creates a more enjoyable ride. No wonder that almost all of our top athletes swear by the SHOX option rather than going without! Of course the SHOX.UPGRADE.KIT is available for both UNI.XT SDM and RDM in all lengths! 

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