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NKB Foil Speedster Combo TEST

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TEST/DEMO i mycket bra skick.

NKB senaste foil för 2018 har genomgått oerhört många tester för att garantera bästa prestanda.

Foilen är framtagen för dig som vill ha en lättåkt foilbräda men ända med prestanda långt över vad du kunde drömma om.

Detta är inte en tävlingsfoil utan riktar sig till dig som har synnerliga höga ambitioner samt också söker en lättmanövrerad och bekväm foil.

Sista produkten i lager

  • Huge speed range, suitable for many levels of riders
  • Unique winglets for immense track stability and an improved turning radius
  • High lift and impressive resistance to stall makes it easy to tack and jibe
  • Unique and incredibly durable Carbon Compound wings and fuselage
  • Winglets improve not only the directional stability but also help the foil track smoothly through turns
  • Included back wing wedge which exerts less force thus helping the beginner to control the lift of the foil


Performance Features

A shorter 65cm mast reduces the leverage ratio on the foil and makes it much more forgiving.


A special wedge was created to adjust the angle of the rear wing. This allows the foil to fly at lower speeds, which are less intimidating for first-time flyers.


The incredible speed range from cruising at lowest speeds to nearly racing performance is probably the most outstanding and unique feature for everyone to enjoy.


To complete the overall package, stable winglets have been added to the front and rear wings; these improve the directional tracking of the foil, but also help it to cut smoothly through turns.

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